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  1. Ch 12
  2. Action potential structure and effect
    • is a VOLTAGE GATED Channel
    • Electrical Signal that can generate in response to changes in membrane permeability of ions
    • Generates ALL-or-NONE responses to DEpolarization
  3. Steps involved in producing Action Potential
    • 1. Increase in Na INFLUX via opening of Na channels (depolarization occurs at hump around -40mV and graph increases as Na enters)
    • 2. Na channels closes (at peak, around 40mV)
    • 3. K channels open, allowing K OUTFLUX (repolarization occurs as hump decreases
    • 4. K channels close (hyperpolarization occurs as it gets negative on graph)
  4. Absolute refractory period
    After action potential, there is a period in which the ap cannot be enerated again (1ms)
  5. Na and Ca voltage gated channel structure
    Consists of polypeptide chain of four domains (each having six a helix segments) surrounding a central pore
  6. K voltage gate channel
    Four separate proteins, each having subunits similar to the Na and Ca channels. These four come together and look similar to the Na and Ca channels
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