The Constitution

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  1. Who is the father of the constitution?
    James Madison
  2. Who wrote the Dec of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  3. What does article 1 deal with?
    legislative branch
  4. How often are Representatives elected?
    2 years
  5. What does legislate mean?
    to make laws
  6. How old must a Representative be? How long must they have been a citizen?
    • 25
    • 7 years
  7. What is a Bicameral Legislature?
    two house legislature
  8. What is a Unicameral Legislature?
    One house
  9. What was the Great Compromise?
    • New Jersey plan wanted a unicameral with equal rep.
    • Virginia Plan wanted bicameral based on population¬†
    • Bicameral established; House of Rep based on population and Senate equal
  10. How many Senators does each state get?
  11. What is enumeration?
  12. Who has the sole power of impeachment?
    the house of rep
  13. Who often do Senators run for reelection?
    every 6 years
  14. How old must a Senator be? How long do they have to be a citizen?
    • 30
    • 9 years
  15. Who is the president of the senate?
    the vice president
  16. Who heads the senate daily?
    the senate pro tempore
  17. Who has the power to try impeachment?
    • the senate
    • takes 2/3 vote
  18. How many representatives are there?
  19. How many Senators are there?
  20. Where do all bills about revenue originate?
    House of Rep
  21. What vote does it take to expel a representative?
  22. What is the Necessary and Proper Clause?
    to make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying out the execution of the US governmeny
  23. What can not be granted in the US?
    title of nobility
  24. What does article 2 deal with?
    the executive branch
  25. What can the president not pardon?
  26. What does the president need to make a treaty?
    2/3 senate approval
  27. What does article 3 deal with?
    the judical branch
  28. Trials involving multiple states goes where?
    the federal court
  29. What is needed to be tried with treason?
    two eye witnesses
  30. Who has the power to punish treason?
  31. What does article 4?
    defines the relationship between states and federal government
  32. What is extradition?
    person accused of a crime in one state flees to another and is forced to go back to first state
  33. Who makes decisions about territory?
  34. What does article 5 deal with?
    amending the constitution
  35. How can an amendment be proposed?
    • 2/3 of both houses¬†
    • 2/3 of states call a convetion
  36. How can an amendment be ratified?
    • ratified by legislatures of 3/4 of states
    • 3/4 of conventions
  37. What does article 6 do?
    makes constitution supreme law of the land
  38. All debts made before constitution were?
    still valid
  39. What is article 7?
    said 9 out of 13 were needed to ratify constitution
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