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  1. APGAR
    color, pulse, grimace, activity (muscle tone), respiration
  2. Heart rate
    absent, below 100, above 100
  3. Respiratory
    absent; weak, irregular or gasping; good, crying
  4. Muscle tone
    flaccid, some flexion, well flexed
  5. Reflex/irritability
    no response, grimace or weak cry, good cry
  6. Color
    blue all over or pale, body pink and hands and feet blue, pink all over
  7. Preterm
    frail and weak, small with large head, red and translucent skin, lots of lanugo on body but sparse on head, soft bones, closed eyes, ears with little cartilage, inactive, little excess energy, feeble cries, minimal reflexes, unable to maintain body temp, ^ risk of fluid and electrolyte imbalance, skin issues
  8. Post term
    thin infant with loose skin, prone to fetal distress, APGAR scores <7, hypoglycemia
  9. Safety in phototherapy
    wears only a diaper, eyes closed with patches over them, need 25%^ in fluid intake, watch for skin breakdown due to loose green stools
  10. Risk factors for RDS
    preterm baby; female; AFA; maternal gestational HTN, drug abuse, betamethasone, IUGR, PROM
  11. Manifestations of RDS
    crackles, poor air exchange, pallor, retractions, apnea
  12. Cerclage
    prophylactic placed at 11-15 weeks, need to have removed at 37 weeks or left in place before 37 weeks; bedrest immediately after placement, no sex
  13. Signs that pt needs to have cerclage looked at
    strong contractions less than 5 minutes apart, ROM, severe perineal pressure and urge to push
  14. Prevention for mastitis
    prevention of cracked nipples; breast feed regularly; airdry nipples, rest, proper fitting bra, stop breast feeding gradually when itÂ’s time to wean; lotion
  15. Episiotomy DC teaching
    cleansing, ice pack (first 24 hours), squeeze bottle, sitz bath, topical applications
  16. Maternal risks for post term delivery
    risk for hemorrhage and infection, fatigue, physical discomfort and psychologic reactions
  17. Fetus risk for post term delivery
    macrosomia, decreased amniotic fluid, poop stained amniotic fluid, low APGAR
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