Reflex actions

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  1. Define: Reflex action
    An unconscious response to a stimulus
  2. What do reflexes allow?
    Rapid responses as the brain is bypassed and conscious decisions aren't made
  3. How can reflex actions be seen as advantageous?
    They prevent damage by responding quickly to harmful stimuli
  4. What are many of the reflex actions controlled by?
    • The spinal chord 
    • A reflex ark of 3 neurones is used
  5. What are stimuli detected by?
  6. Define: Receptors
    Groups of cells that are capable of detecting changes in the environment
  7. What are initiated by receptors?
    Electrical impulses
  8. What is the function of a sensory neurone?
    To carry impulses initiated by receptors to a co-ordinator
  9. What is the coordinator for an unconscious response?
    The spinal chord
  10. What is the co-ordinator for a conscious response?
    The brain
  11. What is the role of the intermediate neurone?
    • To connect the sensory neurone with an appropriate motor neurone 
    • Found in the co-ordinator
  12. What is the function of the motor neurone?
    • To carry the impulse to an effector 
    • An effector could be a muscle (responding by contracting) or a gland (responding by secreting a chemical)
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