Nerve Impulses

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  1. Dendrites
    • Cell body
    • Cytoplasm
  2. Node of ranvier
    • Axon terminal
    • Nerve ending
  3. Schwann cell
  4. Myelin sheath
  5. Axon
  6. Nucleus
  7. What is the function of the cell body?
    To store organelles within cytoplasm
  8. What are Dendrons?
    • Extensions of the cytoplasm of the cell body
    • Conduct impulses towards the cell body
    • Sub divided into dendrites which receive impulses from other neurones
  9. What are axons?
    Extensions of the cytoplasm of the cell body which conduct impulses away from the cell body
  10. What is the myelin sheath?
    • A layer that electronically insulates the axon
    • Formed by Schwann cellsĀ 
    • Layers of membranes surround the axon which prevent the movement of charged, water soluble ions
  11. What are Nodes of Ranvier?
    Junctions between adjacent schwann cells where the axon is exposed allowing the movement of ions

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Nerve Impulses
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