Biomed Test 1

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  1. Biomechanics
    Analysis and Modeling of Physiological Systems
  2. electrocardiograph
    Medical Instrumentation to Monitor/Measure Physiological Events
  3. -
    Signal Processing to detect, classify, and analyze biosignals
  4. Oxygenated wheelchair pads
    Rehabilitation Engineering and Design and Therapeutic Device
  5. Artificial arm
    Prosthetic Devices and Artificial Organs
  6. Medical status assessment based on sensor data
    Computer Analysis and Interpretation of Patient Data for Clinical Decision Making
  7. Xray computer tomography
    Medical Imaging of Anatomy and Physiological Function
  8. Artificial Skin
    Biotechnology to create/modify biological material
  9. Nurse Workflow
    Clinical Enginneering for Design of Facilities and Systems
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