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  1. Cycle of abuse
    phase 1-tension gradually escalates, phase 2-acute battering “teaching her a lesson”, phase 3-Kindness and loving “honeymoon phase”
  2. Cause of amenorrhea
    endocrine disorders, DM, Dilantin, drug abuse or oral contraceptives
  3. Manifestations of endometriosis
    pelvic pain, dysmenorrhea, painful intercourse, abnormal menstrual bleeding, infertility
  4. Treatment of dysmenorrhea
    heat, massage, effleurage; relaxation techniques; exercise and good nutrition; medication mgmt.
  5. Hormonal changes in post menopause client
    ovary stops producing estrogen
  6. Menopause therapy
    hormone replacement (estrogen and progesterone causing increased risks of BC and HD) and estrogen only replacement (increased risk for strokes)
  7. Post menopausal bleeding
    usually sign of uterine cancer
  8. Complications of gonorrhea
    reportable communicable disease; perinatal complications include PROM, PTL, neonatal sepsis, IUGR, maternal postpartum sepsis; blindness of newborn
  9. Manifestations of rectocele
    often asymptomatic; rectal pressure; constipation; uncontrollable gas; fecal incontinence; dyspareunia
  10. Pt education regarding Flagyl
    no booze
  11. Nursing education for clients with prolapse uterus or cytocele
    pessary implantation, hygiene that reduces odor
  12. Risk factors for vaginal infections
    tissue trauma, vaginal intercourse, multiple partners, douching; chemical irritants, allergens and foreign bodies
  13. Fibroadenomas characteristics
    simgle lump, well delineated, palpable, moveable, round, lobular, firm, usually asymptomatic, unilateral, no nipple discharge
  14. Patient education regarding HPV
    may be mild pain; get annual paps; all sex partners must be treated; use condoms; vaccine against the strains that cause cancer given to girls 11-12 years old
  15. Fibrocystic breast disease causes
    not wearing support bra, too much caffeine or stimulants
  16. Normal PSA lab and follow up
    >4.0 are elevated; annual PSA and DRE for men at high risk; may have transrectal ultrasound, prostate fluid or tissue analysis
  17. Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors
    take 1 hr before sex, erection can last 1-2 hours
  18. Lifestyle changes for PCOS
    losing weight
  19. Supportive care for women post breast biopsy
    monitor anesthesia, bleeding, pain mgmt., activity restrictions; DC: may remove dressing after 48 hours, steri strips 7-10 days, supportive bra, avoid jarring or high impact activities for 1 week
  20. Supportive care for invasive testicular procedures
    ice, NSAIDS, sitz bath, nerve block
  21. Priapism
    uncontrolled persistent erection
  22. Organic ED
    gradual deterioration of function
  23. Functional ED
    “psychological”, usually have nocturnal and morning erections with sudden onset follows a high period of stress
  24. Testicular self examination
    monthly immediately after a bath or shower; examine each testicle by gently rolling it between your thumbs; tumors usually appear deep in center of testicle; look for lumps, smooth and rounded masses or change; tell dr
  25. Care post cervical procedure
    no sex, tampons, douche; take showers rather than tubs; no lifting of heavy objects; report heavy vaginal bleeding, foul smelling drainage or fever
  26. Magnesium to treat PMS
    300-400 mg daily; dark leafy veg; nuts and seeds, fish, beans, brown rice, avocados, low fat dairy, bananas, dried fruit, dark chocolate
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