Mental health

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  1. Actual loss
    loss that can be recognized by other as well as by the person sustaining the loss, such as loss of limb or a spouse
  2. Anticipatory loss
    condition in which a person displays loss and grief behaviors for a loss that has yet to take place
  3. bereavement
    state of grieving or going through the grief process
  4. client centered care
    an approach in which clients are viewed as a whole person;it is not merely about delivering services where the client is located. client centered care involves advocacy, empowerment and respecting clients' autonomy voice, self-determination and participation in decision making
  5. coping methods
    the behaviors, thinking and emotional processes that an individual uses to deal with stress and continue to function
  6. crisis
    an emotional upset, arising from situation, developmetal, biological, psychological, socio-cultural and or spiritual factors.
  7. crisis intervention
    a process that focuses on resolution of the immediate problem through the use of personal, social and environmental resources. the goal of crisis intervention are rapid resolution of the crisis to prevent further deterioration, to achieve at least a pre-crisis level of functioning, to promote growth and effective problem solving and to reccognize signs to prevent negative outcomes
  8. dissociative disorders
    disturbances in the normally well integrated continum of consciousness, memory, identity and perception.
  9. conversion disorder
    marked by symptoms or deficits that affect voluntary motor or sensory functions, which suggest another medical condition
  10. dysfunctional grief
    abnormal or distorted grief that may be either unresolved or inhibited
  11. empathy
    the ability of a person to perceive and understand another person's emotions accurately and to communicate the meanings of feelings to the other through verbal and non-verbal behaviors
  12. factitious disorder
    deliberate febrication of symptoms or self-inflicted injury for the purpose of assuming the sick role and receiving nurturance, comfort and attention. for example, a person may inject a caustic substance under the skin form and absess
  13. grief
    emotional response to loss
  14. loss
    inacessibility or change in a valued person, object or situation
  15. Malingering
    a conscious process of intentionally producing symptoms for an bovious benefot. for example an employee reports momexistent back pain to get disability insurance.
  16. pain disorder
    when testing rules out any organic cause for the pain, and the discomfort leads to significant impairment
  17. perceived loss
    loss tangible only to the person sustaining it
  18. precipitating event
    an actual event in a person life that triggers a crisis state. it can arise from situation, developmental, socio-cultural, biological, psychological and or spiritual sources
  19. somatoform disorders
    group of disorders characterized by the presence of physical symptoms in the absence of pathology of known pathophysiology
  20. subjective distress
    painful umcomfortable feelings an individual experiences
  21. value/belief
    internalized, philosophical thoughts, convictions, assumptions or beliefs (cognitions) that underlie or drive one's behavior or action
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