Spell Final Q3

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  1. sine qua non
    • an essential element
    • s. necessity, requisite, desideratum
  2. quixotic
    • extravagantly idealistic
    • s. fanciful, impractical, utopian
    • a. realistic, down-to-earth, pragmatic
  3. quagmire
    soft, soggy mud
  4. non sequitur
    an inference that does not follow logic
  5. metamorphosis
    • a complete transformation
    • s. change, makeover
  6. gothic
    characterized by a gloomy setting
  7. dichotomy
    • a division into two contradictory parts
    • s. schism, division, bifurcation
    • a. uniformity, oneness
  8. alliteration
    the repetition of one or more initial sounds, usually consonants
  9. anachronism
    the incorporation of an event, scene, or person who doesn't correspond with the time period
  10. antagonist
    the character or force that works against the protagonist to produce tension or conflict
  11. attrition
    • the process of wearing down by friction
    • s. abrasion, erosion, exhaustion, reduction
    • a. augmentation, proliferation, enlargement
  12. chauvinist
    blindly devoted to a cause
  13. immaculate
    • spotless
    • s. unsoiled, impeccable
    • a. blemished, tarnished, stained, sullied
  14. mercurial
    • fickle or inconstant
    • s. erratic, flighty, capricious, volatile
    • a. phlegmatic, sluggish, constant, steady
  15. protocol
    a type of international agreement
  16. sub rosa
    in secret
  17. volition
    • the power to choose
    • s. free will, choice
    • a. coercion, compulsion, duress
  18. denouement
    the final resolution of plot complications or problems
  19. conceit
    a figure of speech in which an association is made between two seemingly dissimilar things
  20. dramatic irony
    an inconsistency between a character's perception of a situation and the truth of the situation that is known to the reader
  21. ascetic
    • strict religious self-discipline
    • s. austere, spartan, celibate
    • a. wanton, dissolute, hedonist
  22. curmudgeon
    • a grouch
    • s. crank, sorehead, churl
  23. faux pas
    a social blunder
  24. jeremiad
    any tale of woe
  25. humanism
    an attitude that emphasizes human interests; an optimistic view of human potential
  26. zealot
    • funny in a bizarre way
    • s. fanatic, extremist
  27. xenophobia
    • unreasonable fear of foreigners
    • s. provinciality, parochialism, chauvinism
  28. utilitarian
    stressing practicality over other considerations
  29. narcissism
    excessive self-love
  30. labyrinth
    • a bewildering maze
    • s. tangle, mystery, enigma
  31. charisma
    • a divinely bestowed gift
    • s. appeal, charm, mystique
  32. bilk
    to cheat
  33. archetype
    a plot that repeats basic historical life patterns
  34. catharsis
    a cleansing of the spirit of the spectator at a tragedy through experiencing emotions of pity and terror
  35. carpe diem
    "seize the day", enjoy life to the fullest while able
  36. accoutrements
    • accessory items
    • s. gear, equipage, appurtenances
  37. coalesce
    to blend together
  38. licentious
    • morally unrestrained
    • s. wanton, dissolute, lascivious
    • a. chaste, modest, restrained, prudish
  39. noxious
    • harmful to physical health
    • s. pernicious, noisome, deleterious, toxic
    • a. wholesome, salubrious, beneficial
  40. repartee
    a swift witty reply
  41. supervene
    to follow immediately after
  42. unimpeachable
    • unquestionable
    • s. irreproachable, irrefutable, unassailable
    • a. questionable, debatable, dubious
  43. expressionism
    a form of art depicting the inner essence of man & projecting the artist's view of the world as colored by that essence
  44. fantasy
    the creation of unreal worlds and people, bearing a relation to the real world
  45. foreshadowing
    providing hints of things to come in a story or play
  46. burgeon
    • to develop rapidly
    • s. sprout, blossom, bloom, flourish
    • a. atrophy, wither, shrivel, diminish
  47. exculpate
    • to clear of guilt
    • s. absolve, exonerate, acquit
    • a. convict, condemn
  48. hauteur
    haughtiness of attitude
  49. hyperbole
    overstatement; gross exaggeration for rhetorical effect
  50. hubris
    Aristotle's term for the pride of the tragic hero
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