microbio practical review

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  1. do work
  2. Starch hydrolysis
    • exoenzyme amylase
    • + test represented by a clear zone around bacterial growth
  3. Spirit Blue agar
    • -Lipase is an exoenzyme that hydrolyzes lipids into fatty acids and glycerol. 
    • -
    • If a microorganism produces lipase, the fats around the streak are decomposed, causing a clear zone to appear
    • The spirit blue dye also migrates through the plate toward the region lacking complete lipids, resulting in the appearance of a dark blue halo around the organism
  4. Fermentation usually results in
    the production of acidic organic end products and/or the production of gas
  5. OF glucose tubes
    • One is overlaid with mineral oil
    • One is not overlaid with mineral oil
    • Determines whether an organism is oxidative or fermentative
    • Yellow in the (+) tube or with added mineral oil=fermentation (F)
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microbio practical review
microbio practical review
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