composers of Romantic Era

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  1. who were the composers in lieder?
    Brahms, Schumann, and Schubert
  2. who were the composers of symphonies during the romantic era?
    brahms, schubert, schumann, berlioz, mendelsson (italian symphony), tchaikovsky, dvorak
  3. who was the composer of opera?
    verdi (Rogiletto)
  4. who are the composers of oratorios during the romantic era?
    • mendelsson with Elijah
    • Brahms with Requiem "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place" (german requiem)
  5. who were the piano composers of the romantic era?
    chopin, brahms, shubert, schumann, liszt, rachmaninoff
  6. who were the concerto composers of the romantic era?
    brahms, schumann(concerto a minor), tchaikovsky, rachmaninoff(concerto #2 in c minor), and grieg(piano a minor), mendelsson(violin in e minor)
  7. who was the compr of the Romantic era of the balle?
    tchaikovsky "nutcracker"
  8. who was the composer of the symphonic poem of the romantic era?
    strauss "don juann"
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