Art History Test 3

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    1. This is the Palette of Narmer

    2. It was made in 3120-3135 BCE

    3. It's a stone tablet made out of hard slate

    4. It is 25 inches tall

    5. It is used to grind ceremonial pigment

    6. The cows represent the sky goddess

    7. Found in a temple, buried with other offerings 

    8. It is carved in a low relief

    9. The center of each side is written in hieroglyphics

    10. There is a hierarchical scale which displays the king much larger than the rest

    11. the eyes are fronted, which is egyptian 2 dimensional, only founded on egyptian arts

    12. There is a decapitation of enemys, heads are between the legs

    13. Normally used for grinding pigment for make up

    14. wearing red crown of lower egypt, on other side

    15. enemys stripped of clothing to represent humiliation

    16. One side is wearing white crown of upper egypt, displays egypt coming together
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    1. This is the Imoteph Step pyramid

    2. The name comes from the architect Imotep that builded the pyramid

    3. The pyramid was built to endure

    4. It surved the living in containing the Ka 

    5. They would place objects in the tombs for the Ka

    6. This is the first Funery complex

    7. It is located in the West side of the Nile

    8. It was created in the year 2630-2611 BC

    9. Around this complex, there is walls that are 33 feet high and a mile long

    10. The structure for this pyramid is used to mimic the palace architecture

    11. It is made out of limestone

    12. There was a sundab in the center of the funerary complex that held a statue of the king
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    1. This is the Pyramids at Giza

    2. There are four sides on each pyramid

    3. It used to be covered in white Limestone with gold caps

    4. It is located on the back of the west side of the Nile

    5. It was on the East west axis

    6. The Great Sphynx has no nose

    7. The Great Sphinx is a combination of a lion

    8. The great Sphinx is made out of Limestone as well

    9. The Great Sphinx is 240 feet long and 66 feet tall

    10. Many scholars believe that the Sphinx had a beard, pieces of the beard have been found and are currently in the Cairo museum
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    1. This is Akenhaken and his Family

    2. It is a low relief carving

    3. The picture displays Akenhaken interacting with his family

    4. It is an inverse relief type of art, which is only seen on egyptian art

    5. It is the first time in Egyptian art work where kids are being depicted

    6. The drawing of Akenhten is very recognizable throughout Egyptian art

    7. Akenhaten means "effective of Aken"

    8.Tried to depart from the traditional views of Egypt

    9. When he passed away the old traditions were restored
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    1. This is Tuthankahamum's tomb

    2. Tut was crowned King when he was only 8 or 9

    3. He ruled from 1333-1324 BC

    4. His tomb was discovered in 4th November 1922

    5. The person who founded the tomb was Howard Carter

    6.According to CAT scans done on Tut's body he was estimated to be 5 foot 8

    7. He was buried in the Valley of the Kings

    8. He was the son of Akenhaten

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