ch 2. Suffixes: surgical procedures

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  1. -centesis
    - surgical puncture to aspirate or remove fluid

    ex. amniocentesis is puncture of the amnion for removing fluid for study or administering treatment with the fetus
  2. -ectomy
    -excision (surgical removal or cutting out)

    ex. appendectomy is excision of the appendix
  3. -lysis
    -process of loosening, freeing, or destroying

    ex. the suffix is also used in nonsurgical words to mean destruction or dissolving, as in hemolysis
  4. -pexy
    -surgical fixation (fastening in a fixed position)

    ex. mastopexy is plastic surgery that fastens breasts in a fixed position to correct sagging
  5. -plasty
    surgical repair

    ex. plastic is derived from the same word root as -plasty. plastic surgery repairs, restores, and reconstructs body structures. Mammoplasty is plastic surgery of the breast and is done for a variety of reasons.
  6. -rrhaphy
    -suture (uniting a wound by stitches)

    ex. this suffix is not generally used in everyday language, but angiorrhaphy means suture of a blood vessel.
  7. -scopy
    -visual examination with a lighted instrument (not always a surgical procedure)

    ex. microscopy is a visual examination of very small objects with a magnifying instrument (microscope) the suffix -scope means the instrument. micro means small
  8. -stomy
    -formation of an opening

    ex. a tracheostomy is surgical procedure that forms a new opening into thetrachea
  9. -tome
    -an instrument used for cutting

    ex. a microtome is an instrument used for cutting thin sections of tissue for microscopic study
  10. -tomy
    -incision (cutting into tissue)

    ex. a tracheotomy is an incision of the trachea through the skin and muscles in the neck that overlie the trachea
  11. -tripsy
    -surgical crushing

    ex. lithotripsy is surgical crushing of a calculus (stone)
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