Human Sexuality Test 1

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  1. Victorian attitudes toward marital love and sex?
    Only have sex in marriage, women were frigid
  2. How has HIV changed American sexual behavior?
    slowed it down, discrimination against gays
  3. What factors contributed to changes in sexual attitudes in the 1960s and 1970s?
    Stonewall riot, free love movement
  4. What is the NHSLS?
    National Health & Social Life Survey
  5. Richard Von Kraft-Ebing's theories on sexuality and mental illness
    emphasized sexuality in women, and fetishes and sexual deviations; any deviation from the norm was insanity
  6. relationship between women's status and contraceptives
    whenever birth control is popular, the status of women is higher
  7. Sigmund Freud, Henry Havelock Ellis, and Alfred Kinsey
    • Freud: phallic-centered, penis envy, women are men without penises
    • Ellis: advocate of women's rights, gay rights, and masturbation
    • Kinsey: focused on sex surveys and women's sexuality
  8. Anthony Comstock
    made birth control illegal and wrote an anti-obscenity bill
  9. Margaret Sanger
    pioneer of birth control
  10. Masters & Johnson
    biological and feminist view of sexuality, made the orgasm important
  11. Sin of Onan
    coitus interruptus, spilled his seed
  12. Priestesses in Mesopotamia
    courtesans, sex was way to get closer to gods
  13. Sex in Msopotamia
    procreation and recreation
  14. Pederasty
    the mentoring of a young boy
  15. Greeks: Hataire, Porne, Wives
    • Hataire: high class escort
    • porne: low class escort
    • wives: lower class
  16. Taoism
    ying yang, no equality for women, not ejaculating kept yang and stole ying of girls
  17. 2 schools of thought Buddhism
    • 1) enlightenment in women's vagina
    • 2) celibacy for enlightenment
  18. Tantric sex
    Indian orgies to be closer to gods
  19. Erocentricity
    the way we have sex is better than everyone
  20. infibulation
    removal of clit and labia minora
  21. dyspareunia
    pain during intercourse
  22. Ovaries
    store eggs, release hormones
  23. where does fertilization take place
    fallopian tubes
  24. where are sperm formed? where do they mature?
    seminipherous tubules; epididymis
  25. phimosis? priapism?
    tight foreskin; erection that lasts longer than 4 hours
  26. what does semen contain? where is it produced?
    protein, citric acid, enzymes; seminal vescicle
  27. Cowper's gland
    precum alkaline solution
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