NUR1010 Nursing Process: Planning Interventions

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  1. what are nursing interventions/ measures/ strategies/ activities ?
    actions , based on clinical judgement and nursing knowledge, that nurses perform to achieve client outcomes
  2. nursing interventions reflect direct and indirect care
    • direct care intervention:
    • performed through interaction with patient, e.g. physical care, emotional support, patient teaching

    indirect : advocacy, referrals, ...on behalf of client
  3. interventions -> independent, dependent, collaborative actions
    independent-> knowing how , when, why (autonomous) in response to nursing diagnosis <- nurse accountable

    prescribed -> dependent (orders, tests, treatment, IV, diet, activity)

    interdependent collaborative intervention-> overlapping with other team members
  4. how decide which interventions to use ?
    • ANA:
    • -evidence based nursing knowledge (EBP)

    -according to QSEN Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

    -single studies

    -critical pathways and protocol for frequently conditions

    evidence reports

    clinical practice guidelines -> basis
  5. theory
    • interrelated concepts/ ideas that explain someting
    • influences perspective
  6. nursing interventions are
    observation, assessment,prevention, tratment, health promotion
  7. process of generating/selecting intervention
    • review nursing diagnosis
    • review goal
    • identify several actions dependent/indep.
    • choose best intervention
    • individualize intervention
  8. standard. language
    NIC Nursing interventions classification
  9. nursing orders are
    written instructions on nursing care plan-> intervention how and when
  10. components of nursing order
    • date,
    • subject (the nurse),
    • action verb (e.g. teach)
    • times and limits
    • signature
  11. reflecting critically about nursing orders
    • set of orders complete?
    • each order technically complete?
    • are orders complete, specific, and precise ?
    • order individualized ?
    • orders concise?
    • which orders have priority?

    -> holistic plan for client's needs
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