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  1. primary hyperalgesia
    increase of magnitude and duration of response
  2. secondary hyperalgesia
    enlaring of receptor fields of nerves
  3. allodynia
    pain occurring in response to stimuli that doesn't normally cause pain
  4. transduction
    when pain receptors convert pain stimulus into electrical activity
  5. this fiber is not blocked by opiods
    a delta
  6. a delta properties
    • small myelinated
    • respond to intense mechanical stimulation and heat or cold
    • sharp, stabbing, pricking
  7. this fiber is blocked by opiods
    c fibers
  8. c fiber properties
    • small or unmyelinated
    • dull, throbbing, aching, burning, tingling, or tapping
    • slow onset
    • long lasting
    • diffusely localized
    • accompanied by sweating, increase HR and BP
    • nausea
  9. this fiber is non painful, related to vibration, stretching, and mechanical pressure, can be involved in abnormal prolonged pain perception
    a beta
  10. this can trigger reflex muscle spasms and are subject to "pain gaiting"
  11. SC pain transmission is dorsal or anterior horn involved
  12. where does conscious perception of pain emerge?
  13. gate control theory
    pain severity determined by the balance of excitatory and inhibitory inputs in the SC
  14. nocicpetive pain
    clear stimulus response
  15. neuropathic pain
    • usually acommpanied by SnS of neurological dysfxn
    • ie paresthesias, itching, anesthesia, weakness
  16. dysfxnal pain
    pain that doesn't serve a protective fxn
  17. nociceptors
    nerve endings contributing to pain sensation
  18. peripherial sensation
    process of releasing chemicals that increase response of nociceptors to noxious stimuli
  19. central sensitization
    CNS adapts nociceptive input and increase magnitude and duration of response to the noxious stimuli
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