Pieces with era

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  1. Classical Oratorios and Songs in Europe
    Haydn's "Creation"-instruments as narrators
  2. Classical Oratorios and Songs in America
    • Billings' Africa- plainchant style
    • Reichardt Italien- lied(voice+piano), strophic,syllabic
  3. Early Opera
    • Gluck opera seri a reform "Orfeo and Eurodice"-no castrati, less repeats, syllabic, more text, no da capo arias, not virtuosic
    • Mozart's Don Giovanni- opera buffa and seria
  4. Programmatic v. Absolute Music
    • Beethoven's Heroica- cyclic form, heroism
    • Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique- fixed idee (comes back over and over)
    • Mendelssohm Midsummer's Night's Dream
  5. Incidental music- music inserted into a play
    Mendelssohm- Midsummer's Night dream- musical narration
  6. Lied
    • Reichardt Italien
    • Wolf Mignon
  7. Piano Character Piece
    Schubert Mazurka in Am, prelude op.8, ballade no.1
  8. Choral Music
    • Clara Schumann "Vorwarts!"
    • Anton Brucker- Virga Jesse Floruit
  9. Operetta
    Gilbert and Sullivan-The pirates of penzance
  10. Patter Song
    Gilbert and Sullivan-The pirates of penzance
  11. Music Drama
    Wagner Tristan and Isolide
  12. 19th Century opera
    • Puccini Madama Butterfly
    • Verdi-Rigoletto
    • Wagner The Ring of Nebulung
  13. Late 19th Century Symphonies:promoted nationalism and challenges tonality
    • Bruckner-symphony no. 4
    • Dvorak- Symphony no. 9 new world
  14. Late 19th Century Symphonic Poems
    • Smetana Ma Vlast
    • Strauss
  15. March
    Sousa "Washington Post March" SSF
  16. Waltz
    Strauss An der schönen blauen Donau
  17. Ballet
    Tchaikovsky Swan Lake
  18. Russian Nationalism
    • Musorgsky Boris godunov
    • life of the tsar-blinka(first classical from Russian folk)
  19. character sketch
    Satie Musique d'ameublement
  20. Uncategorized
    Mahler symphony 2-neither programmatic or absolute
  21. Classical Era
    • Monn Symphony in B Major
    • Stamitz Symphony in D Major
  22. Classical String quartet
    Haydn string quartet in CM-new in era
  23. Fantasia
    Bach fantasia in c minor
  24. early symphony
    haydn symphony no 103
  25. early concerto
    mozart piano concerto in D M
  26. early concerto characteristics
    • improv
    • clear solo v. orchestra
    • ritornello
    • cadenza in every move
    • 3 movt
    • no basso
    • piano
  27. early symphonies characteristics
    • 3-4 movts, rondo last form
    • basically equal to an overture
    • colors/dynamics
    • sammartini-first to write symphony
  28. concert overture
    Mendelssohm midsummer nights dream
  29. what is a concert overture
    a single movement that is connected to a mood, plot, story
  30. Lieder
    schubert Erlkonig
  31. sonata and string quartets
    beethoven sonata in CM op. 53
  32. song cycle
    • wolf mignon
    • reichardt Italien
  33. parlor song
    fosters beautiful dreamer
  34. song in america
    foster oh susana
  35. french song
    gabriel faure
  36. russian song
    mussorgsky “V Chetyrjokh Stenakh"
  37. virtuoso showpiece
    paganini 24 caprices op. 1
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