Chapter 15

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  1. Chasing
    engrave (metal, or a design on metal).
  2. Animal Style
    Art with animal like figures
  3. Millefiori
    thin pieces of garnet and blue-checkered glass
  4. Colophon
    a publisher's emblem or imprint, esp. one on the title page or spine of a book.
  5. Rune Stones
    Large memorial stones covered mostly with inscriptions
  6. Stave Churches
    named for the four huge timbers (staves) that from their structural core. In Norway
  7. Westwork
    upper-story throne room which opened onto the chapel interior, allowing the emperor an unobstructed view of the liturgy at the high altar, and at the same time assuring his privacy and safety.
  8. Ambulatory
    a place for walking, esp. an aisle around the apse or a cloister in a church or monastery.
  9. Cloister
    an enclosed courtyard around which open all the  buildings that are central to the lives of monks
  10. Carolingian Minuscule
    a script developed as a calligraphic standard in Europe so that the Latin alphabet could be easily recognized by the literate class from one region to another. It was used in the Holy Roman Empire between approximately 800 and 1200. ...
  11. Gallery
    a long room or passage, typically one that is partly open at the side to form a portico or colonnade.
  12. Mozarabic
    of or relating to the Christian inhabitants of Spain under the Muslim Moorish kings.
  13. Barbarian
    (in ancient times) a member of a community or tribe not belonging to one of the great civilizations (Greek, Roman, Christian).
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