Chapter 16

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  1. Transverse Arches
    Additional projecting bands line the underside of the arches of the nave arcade.
  2. Clerestory
    he upper part of the nave, choir, and transepts of a large church, containing a series of windows. It is clear of the roofs of the aisles and admits light to the central parts of the building.
  3. Lantern Tower
    a structure built above the height of the main ceiling with windows that illuminate the space below.
  4. Baldachin
    a canopy suspended over a sacred space, also called a ciborium, symbolizing the Holy Sepulcher, covers the main altar in the apse.
  5. Historiated Capital
    The capital of a column covered with stories
  6. Pilgrim Plan
    Drawing of St. James cathedral...housed pilgrims
  7. Reliquary
    A container for relics (Reliquary statue of sainte foy contains skull)
  8. Cluniac
    of or relating to a reformed Benedictine monastic order founded at Cluny in eastern France in 910.
  9. Tympanum
    a vertical recessed triangular space forming the center of a pediment, typically decorated. (Depicts mathew, mark, luke and john)
  10. Mathew
  11. Mark
  12. Luke
  13. John
  14. Archivolts
    a band of molding, resembling an architrave, around the lower curve of an arch (designs in the arch)
  15. Couching Technique
    Creates beautiful textures
  16. Stem Stictching
    the outline of the pattern
  17. Barrel Vault
    a vault forming a half cylinder.
  18. Compound Pier
    the bottom area of a arch
  19. Lintel
    a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door or window.
  20. Jamb
    a side post or surface of a doorway, window, or fireplace.
  21. Campanile
    an Italian bell tower, esp. a freestanding one.
  22. Spolia
    the re-use of earlier building material or decorative sculpture on new monuments.
  23. Trumeau
    a section of wall or a pillar between two openings, esp. a pillar dividing a large doorway in a church.
  24. historiated initial
    A historiated initial is an enlarged letter at the beginning of a paragraph or other section of text, which contains a picture.
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