PHRD5975 Self-Care: Intestinal Gas

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  1. rate at which stomach normally empties
  2. exclusions for self-tx of intestinal gas
    • 1) severe debilitating sx
    • 2) gas persists for more than several months
    • 3) accompanied by ab discomfort or change in bowel function
    • 4) change in location of ab pain
  3. non-pharm counsel for intestinal gas
    • 1) avoid rushing through a meal
    • 2) chew food thoroughly
    • 3) avoid gulping or using straw for liquids
    • 4) avoid tight-fitting clothes
    • 5) check dentures for proper fit
  4. MOA of Gas-X (simethicone) for tx of intestinal gas
    acts in stomach & intestine to reduce surface tension of gas bubbles embedding in mucus in GI tract (defoaming agent)
  5. Gas-X (simethicone) pregnancy category
  6. proposed MOA of activated charcoal for tx of intestinal gas
    related to adsorbent effects of charcoal & its potential to facilitate elimination of intestinal pain from the GI tract
  7. MOA of Beano (Image Upload 1-galactosidase) in tx of intestinal gas
    hydrolyzes oligosaccharides into component parts before they can be metabolized by colonic bacteria
  8. when to take Beano (Image Upload 2-galactosidase) for tx of intestinal gas
    w/ first bite of problematic food
  9. caution use of Image Upload 3-galactosidase in what population
    diabetics - drug may produce 2-6g of carbs per 100g of food
  10. MOA of Lactaid (lactase replacement)
    lactase enzymes break down lactose to aid in digestion of dairy products in pts w/ lactose intolerance
  11. antiflatulent safe for use in infants & children
    simethicone (not absorbed from GI)
  12. drugs that cause intestinal gas
    • Orlistat
    • drugs that affect glucose metabolism
    • drugs that affect GI motility
  13. medical conditions predisposing to gas
    • lactase deficiency (lactose intolerance)
    • IBS
    • diabetic gastroparesis
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