bumedinst 6600.10 chapter 2

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  1. Chapter 2 of BUMEDINST 6600.10, Dental Infection Control Program, what does it pertain to?
    Universal Precautions.
  2. What percentage of patient with HIV or HBV shows no symptoms and may be unaware of their infectious disease state?
    Approximately 80%, even with a complete physical exam and full disclosure of medical history, most HIV and HBV may go unidentified.
  3. This common infection control practice is used for all types of patients, is called?
    Universal Precautions
  4. True or False, HIV is more INFECTIOUS than HBV?
    False, HBV is more infectious.
  5. What type of immunization must given to all Dental personnel that are exposed to blood and saliva?
    HBV(Hep B recombinant)administered at 0, 1, 6 months.
  6. HIV testing is done on a _______ basis for all active duty health care personnel during each calendar year.
  7. Is it mandatory to review each patient medical history before each procedure or examination?
    It is mandatory to review each patients medical history per BUMED instruction.
  8. True or False, wearing gloves, masks, and protective eyewear are not used for each patient?
    False, gloves, masks, and protective eyewear are used for each patient receiving treatment.
  9. Gloves and masks are replaced for each patient, True or False?
    True, gloves are replace after each patient. Masks are replaced for each patient or when visibly soiled.
  10. True or False, patients require eye protection during any type of procedure?
    True, to protect patients from splashes, splatter, or airborne particles.
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