Bio Lab Exam 337

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  1. Lysosomes
    Digestive sacs that break down cellular waste within the cell.
  2. Vacuoles
    "Holding Tanks" that store and/or transport substances.
  3. Ribosomes
    Make proteins.
  4. Cell Membrane
    Regulates the passage of materials in and out of the cell.
  5. Chloroplasts
    Site of photosynthesis.  Not found in animals cells.
  6. Cell Wall
    • Not found in animal cells. 
    • Provides structural support, protection, and resistance to water loss in plants.
  7. Rough ER
    Makes and modifies proteins.
  8. Mitochondria.
    Site of cellular respiration (a process that harvests energy for the cell).
  9. Cytoskeleton
    Provides structural support involved in cell movement and division.
  10. Nucleolus
    Where ribosomes are assembled
  11. Golgi Apparatus
    Processes and packages molecules for transport to other parts of the body.
  12. Nucleus
    • Stores DNA.
    • Controls the majority of cellular activities.
  13. Hypertonic Solution
    • Solution contains more solutes than the cell. 
    • If a cell is placed in this solution, it will lose water and shrink.
  14. Hypotonic Solution
    • Solution contains fewer solutes than the cell.
    • If a cell is placed in this solution, it will swell to the point of bursting.
  15. Test for Protein
    Biuret's Reagent
  16. Test for Starch
  17. Test for Sugars
    Benedict's Solution
  18. Positive test for Protein
    Biuret's Reagent turns pink/purple.
  19. Negative test for Protein
    Biuret's Reagent remains light blue/gray
  20. Positive test for Starch
    Iodine turns black/dark purple
  21. Negative test for Starch
    Iodine remains Yellow
  22. Positive test for Sugar
    • Depending on strength, Benedict's solution turns:
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Red
  23. Negative test for Sugar
    Benedict's Solution remains blue
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