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  1. Which of the following disease is NOT a form of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy?
    Toxic Shock
  2. Which term means the number of microbes or amount of organic debris on an object at any given time?
  3. Which of the following chemicals is a high-level disinfectant when items are immersed for 20 to 30 minutes and a sterilant if times remain immersed for 10 hours?
    Sodium hypochlorite
  4. Which part of the instrument reprocessing cycle is performed intraoperatively?
    wiping with sterile water
  5. What is the type of process the ultrasonic cleaner uses to dislodge minute particle of soil and organic debris?
  6. Which type of packaging system has filters and removable locking devices?
    Rigid containers 
  7. What is he weight that AAMI has recommended instrument sets should NOT exceed?
    25 pounds
  8. The Biological indicator (BI) for the steam sterilization method is ?
    Geobacillus stearothermophilus
  9. Contamination cause by passage of microorganisms through a sterilized package by way of moisture wicking is termed?
  10. When opening a wrapped item such as a gown on a mayo stand, the contents and wrapper are considered sterile up to what distance front he edge of the wrapper?
    1 inch from the edge
  11. How should air hoses of powered instruments or fiber-optic light cords be placed in rigid container trays for sterilization?
    Coiled loosely in perforated or mesh basket
  12. What is the relationship of steam pressure to temperature in a steam sterilizer?
    Increased pressure increases temperature
  13. The physical or chemical process by which all living microorganisms, including spores, are killed is:?
  14. When nested basin sets are being sterilized, how should they be placed in the steam sterilizer?
    Fold side down with a towel used to separate them
  15. Why are large steam sterilizers loaded with space between wrapped items or trays?
    It allows adequate circulation and penetration of steam to all surfaces.
  16. Which of the following is NOT a classification of a patient care items?
  17. Which of the following patient care items would be classified as noncritical?
    Pulse oximeter
  18. Which type of chemical solution is made of catalyst that aid in breaking down proteinaceous debris such as blood and fat?
  19. What is the common name for the high-level disinfectant sodium hypochlorite?
  20. All of the following are environmental specifications for the decontamination room in CSPD EXCEPT:?
    Positive air pressure maintained
  21. During manual cleaning of surgical instruments, what type of solution should be used?
    Lukewarm water, detergent, and enzymatic cleaner with neutral pH
  22. Which of the following cleaning methods for surgical instrumentation relies on bubbles imploding, creating vacuum that dislodges minute particles in crevices of instruments?
    Ultrasonic cleaner
  23. Why are items disinfected or sterilized in activated glutaraldehyde dried prior to submersion ?
    Moisture will eventually dilute the concentration to ineffective levels
  24. Before opening any sterilely packaged item, what is MOST important to verify about the package?
    integrity of package 
  25. Sterilely attired surgical team members should pass one another in any of the following ways ExCEPt:?
    Front to back
  26. Which of the following concepts has replaced the previous system of assessing storage conditions and package integrity based on an arbitrary expiration designation?
    event related
  27. Which of the following statements regarding peracetic acid sterilized items is CORRECT?
    Cassettes are not sealed, due to liquid immersion during the process, so they cannot be stored.
  28. What is the name of the outside area of an autoclave where steam is created before injection into the interior compartment?
  29. Where should the biological test pack be placed on the steam sterilization cart for the first run of the day?
    bottom rack, front of sterilizer, over the drain
  30. Why are instruments placed in perforated or mesh-bottom trays for sterilization?
    penetration of sterilant
  31. In steam sterilization, thermal destruction of microbes is the result of the denaturalization of protein within the cells.
    T or F
  32. Gravity displacement steam sterilizer cycles are much shorter than pre vacuum cycles.

    T or F
  33. Sterilization process monitors include mechanical, chemical,and biological methods were met.

    T or F
  34. Internal chemical indicator/integrators should be placed in the center or most chemicals the sterilant to reach.

    T or F
  35. The relative humidity in an ethylene oxide sterilizer should be below 30% to aid through bacterial spores's protective coating.

    T or F
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