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  1. collections of specialized cells and cell products that perform a limited number of functions
  2. four types of basic tissues:
    • - epithelial tissue
    • - connective tissue
    • - muscle tissue
    • - neural tissue
  3. type of tissue that covers exposed surfaces, lines internal passageways and chambers
    epithelial tissue
  4. type of tissue that fills internal spaces, provides structural support for other tissues, and stores energy reserves.
    connective tissue
  5. type of tissue which is specialized for contraction, includes skeletal muscles of the body, muscle of the heart and muscular walls of the hollow organs
    muscle tissue
  6. type of tissue that carries information from one part of the body to another in the form of electrical impluses
    neural tissue
  7. structures that produce fluid secretions
  8. several important factors of the epithelia:
    • -cellularity
    • -polarity
    • -attachment
    • -avascularity
    • -regeneration
  9. avascularity
    absense of blood vessels
  10. the presence of structural and functional differences between the exposed and attached surfaces
  11. apical cells
    exposed surface cells
  12. basal cells
    attached surface cells
  13. a complex structure produced by the basal surface of the epithelium and the underlying connective tissues
    basement membrane
  14. epithelial  cells that are damaged or lost at the exposed surface are continuously replaced through stem cell divisions
  15. four functions of epithelial tissue:
    • - physical protection
    • - control permeability
    • - provide sensation
    • - produce specialized secreations
  16. -two plasma membranes are tightly bound together by interlocking membrane proteins

    -prevent the passage of water and solutes between the cells
    tight junction
  17. forms a narrow passageway that lets small molecules and ions pass from cell to cell
    gap junctions
  18. -CAMs and proteoglycans link the opposing plasma membranes

    -very strong and can resist stretching and twisting (hold cells tightly together)
  19. the 8 classifications of epithelium:
    • - simple squamous      
    • - simple cuboidal       
    • - simple columnar        
    • - stratified squamous
    • - stratified cuboidal
    • - stratified columnar
    • - pseudostratified ciliated columnar
    • - transitional
  20. -one layer of flat cells
    -most delicate
    - protection, secretion, absorption, diffusion
    -located in alveoli (lungs), lining of the heart and blood vessels
    simple squamous
  21. - cells form a series of layers
    - generally located where mechanical stresses are severe
    - surface of skin, lining of mouth, esophagus, anus
    stratified squamous
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