Medical defintions

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  1. abnormal
    Pertaining to away from normal
  2. abscess
    localized collection of puss
  3. acute
    Sudden, sharp, severe disease that has sudden onset, severe symptoms, and short course
  4. adhesion
    process of being stuck together
  5. ambulatory
    being able to walk, not confined to bed
  6. apathy
    condition in which one lacks feelings and emotions
  7. axillary
    pertaining to the arm pit
  8. biopsy
    removal of small amount of tissue for microscopic examination
  9. chemotherapy
    Treatment using chemical agents
  10. chronic
    disease that continues over long period of time
  11. diagnosis
    determination of cause and nature of disease
  12. endoscope
    instrument for examining the inside of organ or cavity through incision or opening
  13. excision
    process of cutting out, surgical removal
  14. febrile
    pertaining to fever
  15. incision
    a cut, made for surgery
  16. malaise
    bad feeling, condition, or discomfort, uneasiness, often felt by patients with chronic disease
  17. malignant
    spreading process of cancer from one area of body to another
  18. neopathy
    a new disease
  19. oncology
    study of tumours
  20. palpitation
    examining by placing hand or fingers on surface of body
  21. sign
    objective of disease that can be observed/tested
  22. staging
    process of classifying malignant tumors for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
  23. suture
    to unite parts by stitching them together
  24. syndrome
    Group of signs and symptoms that together characterize specific disease
  25. therapy
    treatment, intervention
  26. triage
    sorting + classifying of injuries to determine priority of need + treatment
  27. pulse rate
    number of per minute the heartbeat is felt through walls of artery
  28. cardiac monitor
    monitor of heart function providing visual + audible record of the heart beat
  29. bedside commode
    a chair or wheelchair
  30. patient controlled analgesia
    medication administered intravenously by special infusion pump
  31. injection
    medication given, forcing a liquid into the body by needle or syringe
  32. respiration rate
    number of times a patient breathes per minute
  33. foley catheter
    indwelling catheter that's inserted into the bladder for urine collection and measurements
  34. Jackson Pratt (JP)
    disposable suction device that is connected to a drain that's inserted or close to a surgical wound
  35. suppository
    medication substance mixed in a solid base, which melts when placed in body opening (usually used in rectum, vagina, urethra)
  36. adverse drug event
    injuries or harmful reactions that result from drug use
  37. capsule
    single dose container in which the drug is enclosed to prevent patient from tasting drug
  38. vital signs
    measurments of body functions, including, temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure (BP)
  39. cellulitis
    skin infection caused by bacteria
  40. alopecia
    loss of hair
  41. psoriasis
    skin problem that's long term and results in patches on the skin
  42. abscess
    collection of puss that can occur anywhere on the body
  43. arrhythmia
    irregular heartbeat
  44. bells palsy
    paralysis or weakness of muscles on one side of face
  45. urosepsis
    illness that occurs when urinary tract is infected then spreads to the bloodstream
  46. hyponatremia
    low sodium levels in blood
  47. bile
    fluid that's made and released in liver, then stored in gall bladder
  48. gastritis
    inflammation of the lining of stomach
  49. appendicitis
    inflammation of the appendix
  50. asphyxia
    lack of oxygen and increase in carbon dioxide
  51. anemia
    condition when blood lacks healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin
  52. pneumonia
    infection or inflammation of the lungs
  53. bursitis
    painful swelling of the small sac called bursa
  54. atrial fib
    abnormal rhythm of the heart
  55. myocardial infarct
    dead tissue of the heart muscle
  56. DVT
    blood clot in on of the bodies deep veins
  57. echocardiogram
    test that used sound waves to view the heart
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