Solar panel vocab pt II

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  1. a diode used to prevent undesired current flow. In a pv array the diode is used to prevent current flow towards a failed module from malfunction, or from the battery to the pv array during periods of darkness or low current flor
    blocking diode
  2. a diode connected in parallel with a pv module to provide an alternate current path in case a of module shading or failure
    bypass diode
  3. the total number of ampere hours that can be withdrawn from a fully  charged battery at a specified discharge rate and temp
  4. the process of adding electrical energy to a battery
  5. a device that controls the charging rate or state of charge for batteries
    charge controller
  6. a number representing the time in hours during which a battery can be charged at a constant current without damage to the battery
    charge factor
  7. the current used to recharge a battery. Normally expressed as a % of the total battery capacity
    charge rate
  8. the increase in solar intensity caused by reflected irradiance from nearbyclouds
    cloud enhancment
  9. a pv modulethat uses optical elements to increase the amount of sunlight incident or a pv cell
  10. the ratio of the electrical energy produced by a PV cell to the solar energy impinging on the cell
    conversion efficiency
  11. a unit that converts a d/c voltage into another d/c voltage
  12. a type of pv cell made from a single crystal or polycrystalline slice of silicon
    crystalline silicon
  13. the flow of electric charge in a conductor between two points having a difference in potential voltage
  14. voltage levels at which the charge controller disconnects the array from the battery or the load from the battery
    cutoff voltage
  15. the discharge and subsequent charge of a battery
  16. the number of consecutive days the the stand alone system will meet a defined load without solar energy input. this term is related to system availabilty
    days of storage
  17. type of battery that can be discharged to a large fraction of capacity many times without damaging the battery
    deep cycle
  18. reduction of PV eff due to soiling shading weather or time of day
    design deration
  19. the month having the combination of insolation and load that requires the max energy from the array
    design month
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