Mannerism, Venetian, Northern Renaissance

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  1. Rosso Fiorentino
    Descent from the Cross
  2. Pantormo
  3. Parmiaginino
    Self Portrait
  4. Parmiaginino
    Madonna of the Long Neck
  5. Corregio
    Jupiter and Io
  6. Bronzino
    Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time
  7. Benvenuto Cellini
    Perseus and Medusa, Salt Cellar
  8. Bologna
    Rape of the Sabine Woman
  9. Giovanni Bellini
    Transfiguration of Christ
  10. Giovanni Bellini
    Saint Francis in Ecstasy
  11. Giorgione
    The Tempest
  12. Titian
    Venus of Urbino
  13. Titian
    Assumption of the Virgin
  14. Titian
    Sacred and Profane Love
  15. Titian
    Paul III and Grandsons
  16. Titian
    Rape of Europa
  17. Tintoretto
    Last Supper
  18. Durer
    Apocalypse Woodcut (death, plague/famine, conquest, war)
  19. Grunewald
    Isenheim Altarpiece
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Mannerism, Venetian, Northern Renaissance
Mannerism, Venetian, Northern Renaissance
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