Making the Grade

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  1. sweeping
    to sweep (gather pretty much everything on the floor)
    EX: a sweeping view of the valley
    including or involving many things - wide in range or amount; всеохватывающий
  2. to institute
    EX: She is threatening to institute legal proceedings against the hospital.
    to begin or create (esp. a new law, rule, system, etc.); to cause things to exist
  3. to provide for
    EX: The budget provides for a salary increase after one year.
    • to meet the needs of; allow sth to happen
    • предусматривать (напр. санкции)
  4. stringent (demands, restrictions, diet, measures, penalties...)
    very strict or severe
  5. incentive (N)
    EX: Joining an exercise class or a sports club can provide an incentive.
    sth that encourages a person to do sth or work harder (Latin - 'stimulating)
  6. plausible (excuse; speaker...)
    EX: The latter explanation might be the more plausible of the two.
    possible true, believable or realistic (Latin - 'worthy of applause')
  7. to mitigate (effects, loss...)
    to make less severe or painful, soften
  8. countervailing (winds)
    EX: Today's soldier has to be aware of at least two countervailing forces: the media and the government PR machine.
    having an equal but opposite effect
  9. discord (N)
    palpable D
    • disagreement, разногласие (А воз и ныне там)
    • ощутимый, явный
  10. to harrumph
    EX: "Absolute nonsense" - harrumphed the Colonel.
    to clear the throat in a pompous way; to comment disapprovingly (origin - imitative)
  11. to dismay
    EX: I was dismayed to discover that he'd lied.
    to cause to lose courage or resolution, upset
  12. a complete overhaul
    EX: I got the engine overhauled.
    пересмотр, капремонт
  13. Panglossian (form 'Candid' by Voltaire)
    rose-coloured glasses
  14. to compel (form)
    EX: (1) The new circumstances compelled a change in policy.
    (2) Her work has compelled universal admiration.
    • (1) to force to do
    • (2) to produce a strong feeling or reaction (compelling (adj) reason, argument, evidence - убедительный, серьезный; неотразимый)
  15. to lower the bar
    понизить планку, снизить требования
  16. to play hooky
    прогуливать учебу

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Making the Grade
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From article by Malcolm Gladwell "Making the Grades"
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