Power Supply

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  1. What is the abbreviation for the circuit breaker fitted on the locomotive?
  2. How many kv of power is supplied to the catenary?
    25Kv (25000 volts)
  3. How many sectors of track are there in the concession in relation to power supply?
    • 6
    • 2 in each tunnel, between the neutral zones (either end and midpoint); uk and french terminals
  4. What is the name of a section of catenary and how long is it?
    • SEL
    • 1200m
  5. How does staggering of the catenary wire prevent damage to both the pan head and the wire itself?
    By not running on a constant section of the pan head it provides an even wear and stops the wire acting as a band saw.
  6. What is the height of the catenary in the tunnels?
  7. What is an uplift stop?
    An automatic feature that fixes the pantograph in place while running through the tunnels. 5.87m.
  8. How would you approach a neutral zone?
    • SEC board 500m
    • SEC appears on vdu
    • see smile face
    • VCB opens (lights up on pillar panel)
    • power on loco 1 goes down
    • see closed smile face
    • VCB closes (light on pillar panel turns off)      
    • Power on loco goes up
  9. What is a neutral zone?
    A section of catenary that is not supplied with power, protected by earthing and isolated from both sectors by section disconnectors. Stops to sections of 25000 volts from meeting.
  10. Name the 8 parts that make up the catenary?
    • Messenger wire
    • Feeder
    • Steady arm
    • Dropper
    • Insulator
    • Mast
    • Contact wire
    • Brace
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