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  1. Emotional intelligence defined in relation to mixed models of the construct
    an array of noncognitive capabilities, competencies, and skills that help us deal with the demands of the environment.
  2. Emotional intelligence in connection with mixed models is related to?
    EQ-I (emotional intelligence inventory) measuring primarily personality and mood variables such as self-regard, empathy, tolerance, and happiness.
  3. Emotional intelligence defined according to ability-based approach to the construct
    3 core components: appraisal and expression, regulation, and utilization.
  4. Key research findings for emotional intelligence
    based on 4 branches: branch 1 (skills needed to perceive and express feelings) branch 2 (using emotions and emotional understanding to facilitate thinking) branch 3 (skills needed to foster an understanding of complex emotions, relationships and emotions, and relationships between emotions and behavioral consequences) branch 4 (numerous mood regulation skills, difficult to master as regulation is a balancing act).
  5. Pros and cons of defining emotional intelligence based on mixed models versus 4-branch ability model
    Mixed models focus on the use of Emotional Intelligence in the here and now where as the 4-branch ability model focuses on both the here and now as well as the future application of it.
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