Cognitive Test 1

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  1. Mary Mahoney
    • Black nurse
    • Private practice
  2. Lillian Wald
    • Founded the Henry St Settlement in lower east Manhattan.
    • First to educate about preventative care and community health
    • Breast Milk 
    • American Union against Militarism 
    • League of Free Nations Association
  3. Mary Breckenridge
    • Husband and kids died
    • Frontier Nursing
    • Improve health of children
    • Rural health care
    • Frontier graduate school of midwifery
  4. Clara Barton
    • American Red Cross
    • Angel of the Battlefield
    • Mental health hospitals
    • Missing soldiers
  5. Dorthea Dix
    • Assylems 
    • Hired plain looking people
    • Super Intendent of the Civil War
    • Wrote some books
    • Wrote a bill getting land for asylems
  6. Edith Cavel
    • Rescued people out of germany
    • Assinated by firing squad
    • Poor mans Nightingale
  7. Flo Nightingale
    • Asepsis 
    • Crimean War
    • Notes on Nursing 
    • Angel of Mercy
    • Pie chart
    • Lady with the Lamp
  8. Linda Richards
    • Charting
    • First nursing graduate
    • American Journal of Nursing
  9. Critical thinking
    the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it
  10. Characteristics of Critical Thinking
    • Self-directed
    • Self-disciplined
    • Self-monitored
    • Self-corrected
  11. Inellectual humility vs. arrogance
    being conscious of the limits of one's knowledge (being able to admit you made a mistake)
  12. Intellectual courage vs. cowardice
    face and fairly address ideas, beliefs or viewpoints about which we have strong negative feelings
  13. Intellectual empathy vs narrow-mindedness
    imaginatively put oneself in the place of others in order to genuinely undertood them
  14. Intellecutal autonomy vs. conformity
    control of one's beleifs, values and inferences
  15. Intellectual perseverance vs. laziness
    consciousness of the need to use intellectual insights and thruths in spite of difficulties, obstacles, and frustration
  16. Confidence in reason vs. distrust of reason and evidence
    giving the freest play to reason
  17. Fair-mindedness vs. intellectual unfairness
    treat all viewpoints alike without reference to one's own feelings or vested interests
  18. Assessment
    entails collecting data, organizing data, evaluating data, documenting data
  19. Nursing Process
    assessment, Diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation
  20. Actual Diagnosis
    • problem that a client currently has
    •  example- pain

    Decreased mobility related to muscle weakness
  21. risk for diagnosis
    problem does not exist, patient is likely to develop the problem if intervention is not implemented

    Risk for falls related to health maitenence and muscle weakness
  22. Wellness diagnosis
    human responses that have a readiness for advancement

    weight loss

    Deficient knowledge related to health maitenance
  23. Possible diagnosis
    not enough info
  24. Syndrome diagnosis
    associated with a cluster of other diagnoses
  25. Nursing diagnosis are defined by ___________. Address needs in what order.
    Maslows heigharchy of needs

    • address phisiological need first 
    • safety security
    • love and belonging
    • self esteem
    • self actualization
  26. Qualifier
    • deficient
    • ineffective
    • impaired
  27. Defining characteristics
    • health maitenence
    • gas exchange
    • fluid volume
  28. Etiology
    • related to ________
    • decreased thirst sensation
    • inflammation in lung tissue

    NOT medical diagnosis
  29. Goals
    • short term
    • Begin with "the client will"
    • singular goal or outcome, each one should describe only one behavior
    • Must be observable, measurable
  30. Independent nursing intervention
    action that a nurse initiates

    • examples:
    • Instructs client on side effects on meds
  31. Physician initiated medical intervention
    needs physicians order

    changing meds or dressings.
  32. Collaborative intervention
    therapies that require the combined knowledge and skills of multiple health care proffesionals

    working with physical therapy or nutritionists
  33. Interventions should be
    • cost effective
    • research based
    • related to expected outcome
  34. example of apa
    • Kostandy,
    • R., Anderson, G., & Good, M. (2013). 
    • Skin-to-skin contact diminishes pain from

    • hepatitis B vaccine injection in healthy full-term
    • neonates.  Neonatal Network, 32(4),

  35. Source-Oriented
    each dicipline has their own section

    Usually narrative
  36. Standards for health care come from the
    Joint Commission
  37. 3 domains of learning
    • cognitive
    • psychomotor 
    • affective
  38. cognitive learning
    memorization, recall, ability to analyze, evaluating ideas. 

    Learning to list the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia

    Analyze a diet to determine its subtibility for a diabetic

    Name the doses of medications taken
  39. Best way to teach cognitive domain
  40. Psychomotor learning
    mental and physical activity, accept and value the skill

    Learning to give an IM shot

    Wife demonstrating taking husbands bp
  41. Best way to teach psychomotor
    • simulation
    • dvds
    • pictures
  42. affective learning
    feelings, recieving and responding to new ideas, demonstrating comittment and acceptance of new ideas and implementing them

    Changing ones eating habits to control diabetes

    Family demonstrates acceptance of family member with aids
  43. best way to teach affective
    • role play
    • mentoring and counseling
  44. Metaparadigm of Nursing
    • Health 
    • Environment
    • Person
    • Nursing
  45. Theory
    a set of interrelation concepts that provides a systematic view of a phenomenon
  46. the purpose of theory is
    it guides practice and research
  47. practice enables the testing of ______ and generates
    • theory 
    • questions for research
  48. Research contributes to
    • theory building
    • establishing practice guidelines
  49. Practice+theory+reasearch=
    knowledge needed for nursing
  50. Inductive  reasoning

    starts with details
  51. deductive

    starts with a genearl picture or theory
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