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    • What year did the coast guard take over the ice patrol from the navy?
    • 1913
    • The navy could no longer spare ships for the ice patrol so the revenue cutter service assumed responsibility, assigning the cutters Seneca and Miami to conduct the patrol. On Feb 7, 1914 the rcs was tasked with maintaining the international ice patrol.
  1. What cutter was credited with firing the first naval shots of the civil war?
    The Harriet lane
  2. On march 1st 2003 the coast guard transferred from what to the department of homeland security?
    (Dot) department of transportation
  3. Who was the first coast guard master chief e-9?
    Jack kerwin Nov 1st 1958
  4. Who was the first master chief of the coast guard?
    Charles L. Calhoun 1969
  5. Who was awarded the medal of honor for his actions while serving in the union army during the civil war?
    Marcus A. Hanna
  6. Bmc Richard Patterson was awarded the bronze star medal while attached to what cutter during Vietnam?
    The CGC Point Welcome
  7. What program allows selected enlisted personnel to attend college on a full-time basis for up to two years, with a goal of qualifying to attend pcs?
    The Pre-Commissioning program (ppep)
  8. When do you counsel the evaluee on the employee review?
    No later than 21 days following the employee review ending date
  9. Employee reviews that result in low competency marks or the assignment of an unsatisfactory conduct mark must be supported by?
    An adverse remarks entry
  10. What should you ask a suicidal member?
    • How long have you been feeling this way?
    • Do you know why you feel this way?
    • Have you thought about how you would end your life?
    • Have you made a plan?
    • Have you acquired the means?
  11. Before making a procurement request (pr dot f 4200.1.2cg) purchase, make sure you have _______ signature?
    Funds manager (approval)
  12. When preparing a pr (dot f 4200.1.2cg) who is responsible for selecting the source of supply?
    The contracting officer (ko)
  13. What is a non-permit confined space?
    One that does not contain hazards or potential hazards.
  14. When instructing personnel what should you do with your hands?
    Keep them out of your pockets and keep gestures natural, meaningful, appropriate and decisive.
  15. What are approved message (cgms) symbols?
    ' : , ( ? " / - .
  16. What happens when a member gets an alcohol incident?
    He or she will be screened and appropriate action will be taken
  17. When writing a coast guard business letter, if a person other than the person the letter is addressed to is to receive an information copy, what block do you enter the addressee?
    The copy block
  18. What cg directives are reviewed and validated by the originators every four years?
    Instruction (INST)
  19. What cg directives are reviewed annually by the originators and canceled when no longer applicable?
    Manuals (M)
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