Exercise 9 - Axial Bones

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  1. frontal sinus

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    • LOCATION: in the low-center of forehead
    • FUNCTION: to include warming, moistening, and filtering inspired air and maximizing voice quality, and provide some protection from facial and head trauma and minimize the total weight of the skull
  2. ethmoid sinus

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    • LOCATION: between the eyes, at the nasal bridge
    • FUNCTION: to provide lubrication (mucus) to the inner nose, reduce the skull's weight and make one's voice more resonant as they grow in size during puberty
  3. sphenoid sinus

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    • LOCATION: in bones behind the nasal cavity
    • FUNCTION: to lighten the weight of the skull, and may provide some cushioning from impacts to protect the brain and a route for drainage of mucus
  4. maxillary sinus

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    • LOCATION: the largest, in the cheekbones
    • FUNCTION: contribute to the resonance of the voice, have some olfactory function, reduce the weight of the skull, and humidify inspired air
  5. nasal conchae
    to create turbulence in the air to trap small particulates in mucus
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