Recruiting Terms and Definitions

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  1. Meeting likely prospects face-to-face, and obtaining their names, and sufficient information for the purpose of gaining an appointment. Again, to count an AC, you must have sufficient information for follow-up and have conducted basic screening (age and education at a minimum). Getting just a name, and no additional information, is not an AC contact. AC contacts are obtained during visits to the local area. Individuals who are contacted initially during high school visits are AC Contacts.
    Area Canvass Contact (AC)
  2. Defined as a visit to a house that you have never visited before to try to contact an individual that you have never talked to. A HV is not counted if you have spoken to the individual on the phone, met with the individual before, or has agreed to a visit. An appointment made at the prospect's home as a result of a previous contact is never a home visit
    Home Visit (HV)
  3. Defined as those individuals who walk in, or call in, or are brought in by others, to a recruiter's office to discuss enlistment. do not include individuals who come in to the office as the result of scheduled appointments.
    Office Traffic Screened (OT)
  4. This is defined as the act of calling a prospect on the phone to schedule an appointment. This includes all phone calls from all types of lists and prospect applicant cards. A phone call is counted any timeĀ  you dial a prospect's number and reach someone at that number, receive no answer, or reach an answering machine. A phone call is not counted if you get a busy signal or if the line is disconnected. Additionally, a TC is not counted if an interview was already conducted within 90 days with the individual.
    Telephone Call (TC)
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