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  1. the Renaissance
    means the “rebirth". Originally referring to the period that began in the 14th and 15th century in Italy (Florence was the epicenter for art, Venice for graphic design).
  2. letterspacing/letterspace
    space between letterforms.
  3. alignment
    The way in which parts of a letterform are synchronized with others letters in a typeface.
  4. trademark
    A symbol to identify a person's trade as a specialty.
  5. die cutting
    A technique used to consistently cut an unusual shape out of a piece of paper.
  6. Tip-in
    any aspect of a printed piece that has to be inserted or assembled by hand.
  7. fleurons/ printer's flowers
    cast metal pieces with decorative floral designs.
  8. Headings
    large type signifying a new chapter or separate verse.
  9. Italic
    a slanted typeface based on Italian script writing style.
  10. Chancery hand
    A form/style of writing used in government and commerce during the Renaissance.
  11. Geoffroy Tory
    French “Renaissance Man" : publisher, designer, illustrator, calligrapher, reformer of the French language. He developed the apostrophe, accent mark, and cedilla
  12. apostrophe
    is a punctuation mark used in the alphabet to indicate possessiveness or to allow the omission of certain letters. ( mother's, don't)
  13. accent
    A mark used to indicate emphasis on a syllable. (resumé)
  14. Cedilla
    is a hook added under certain letters to modify their pronunciation; as when a “c" is pronounced as an “s". (façade)
  15. Claude Garamond
    a punch cutter who revolutionized typefaces with extraordinary legibility and clarity; his use of Roman fonts virtually eliminated the popular use of Gothic text.
  16. Running heads
    header found at the top of the page that repeats throughout a book to indicate a common chapter.
  17. Swashes
    decorative extended ascender or descender; a calligraphic flourish
  18. Headpieces and tailpieces
    decorative flourishes (composed of fleuron elements) beginning or ending a text piece to create visual bracketing.
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