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  1. Illuminated manuscript
    a hand-written, hand-painted book decorated with gold leaf.
  2. illuminator, illustrator
    the artist responsible for the execution of creation of images to visually support the written text of a manuscript.
  3. medieval
    the 1000 year period between the decline of Rome and the early Renaissance also known as the Middle Ages or the Dark ages.
  4. ascender
    letter strokes that rise above the top guideline.
  5. descender
    letter strokes that drop below the baseline.
  6. Celtic, the Celts
    a people residing on the islands of Northwest Europe (now Ireland) during the Roman-era. Celtic design is abstract and extremely complex, with geometric linear patterns that weave, twist and fill a space with dark visual textures.
  7. monogram
    a large initial letter starting the first word of a main paragraph.
  8. opaque
    not transparent; dense not allowing like to pass through
  9. translucent
    permitting light to pass through; transparent.
  10. Romanesque
    a period in history 1000-1150 A.D.; the time of the Crusades
  11. text
    the body of a manuscript. From the Latin "textorum" or meaning woven fabric or texture.
  12. diaspora
    Greek for dispersion or scattering (Jewish people were living in Diaspora after the revolts which were crushed by the Romans.
  13. ornamentation
    visual embellishment; decorations that often appear in the margins of a text.
  14. arabesque
    a fluid, spiraling, undulating or serpentine line or linear motif inspired by the designs and writings of the Muslim world.
  15. the Limbourg brothers
    Paul, Herman, Jean Limbourg; born after 1385 skilled Goldsmith and illuminators.
  16. Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
    the Limbourg brothers' masterpiece. "The Book of Hours of the Duke of Berry" a devotional book with religious texts for each day of the year. Morning, afternoon, evening prayers.
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