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  1. Frank Lloyd Wright
    (1867-1959) an American architect who proposed ideas of organic architecture. His work was an inspiration for designers to move towards a rectilinear approach of spatial organization. Wright designed all aspects of building, from stained glass to fabrics and furniture.
  2. The Glasgow School
    four Scottish artist who collaborated to create designs that balanced Art Nouveau curvilinear qualities with more rectilinear structure.
  3. Charles Rennie Mackintosh
    breakaway member of the Glasgow school who designed graphics and furniture. His design theme was rising with curved upper design elements.
  4. Vienna Secession
    a group of young Austrian artists who broke away from the mainstream artist association due to lack of inclusion of foreign artist; they preferred linear art styles.
  5. Gustav Kilmt
    leader of the Vienna Secession revolt; painted exotic and erotic images.
  6. Coated stock
    paper treated with a fine spray to add a slick shine; used for Ver Sacrum Magazine.
  7. Color plates
    color illustrations “tipped in" to a black-and-white publication.
  8. Embossing
    raised relief designs on paper, pushed in from the verso side of the page.
  9. Modular
    designed with standardize units; interchangeable.
  10. Peter Behrens
    German architect, artist, and designer: the first “industrial design" developed 'visual identification' programs using the grid system to structure space.
  11. Industrial Design
    The design of manufactured products.
  12. Type: Face, font, family, foundry
    • FOUNDRY: the designer and/or manufacturer of sets of type
    • FAMILY: Related typefaces from the same foundry.
    • FACE: The style of the type (regular, medium, bold, etc.)
    • FONT: A typeface at a specific size.
  13. graphic identity program
    the consistent and standardize use of a typeface, logo, color, and layout style.
  14. logo
    a graphic representation of corporate or business identity
  15. layout
    the total plan of a designed page
  16. rule
    a line which separates visual information or defines a boundary
  17. Spartan
    simplicity in design
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