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  1. scar n.
    • a mark that is left on the skin after a wound has healed
    • Will the operation leave a scar?
  2. sprain v.n.
    • sprain something v.
    • to injure a joint in your body, especially your wrist or ankle, by suddenly twisting it
    • I stumbled and sprained my ankle.
    • n. a bad ankle sprain
  3. stumble /ˈstʌmbl/ v.
    • to hit your foot against something while you are walking or running, and almost fall
    • The child stumbled and fell.
  4. wasp n.
    • a black and yellow flying insect that can sting
    • a wasps' nest
  5. twist v.
    • bend into shape
    •  to bend or turn something into a shape or position that is not normal or natural; to be bent or turned in this way
    • He grabbed me and twisted my arm behind my back.

    • twist something
    • to injure part of your body, especially your ankle, wrist, or knee, bending it in an awkward way
    • She fell and twisted her ankle.
  6. wounded /ˈwundəd/  a.
    • injured by a weapon, for example in a war
    • seriously wounded
    • There were 79 killed and 230 wounded.
  7. wound v.
    • to injure part of the body, especially by making a hole in the skin using a weapon
    • He had been wounded in the arm.
  8. injured a.
    • physically hurt; having an injury
    • an injured leg
  9. the injured  n.
    • [plural] the people injured in an accident, a battle, etc.
    • Ambulances took the injured to a nearby hospital.
  10. stitch n.
    • a short piece of thread, etc. that doctors use to sew the edges of a wound together
    • The cut needed eight stitches.
    • I had six stitches in my foot after the accident.
  11. thread n.
    • a thin string of cotton, wool, silk, etc. used for sewing or making cloth
    • a needle and thread
  12. sewing /ˈsoʊɪŋ/ n.
    • the activity of making, repairing, or decorating things made of cloth using a needle and thread
    • knitting and sewing
  13. knit v.
    • to make something such as a piece of clothing using wool and sticks called
    • knitting needles
  14. knitting n.
    • the activity or process of knitting things 
    • She enjoys music, reading, and knitting.
  15. slight a.
    • very small in degree
    • A slight breeze was blowing.
    • The damage was slight.

    • small and thin in size
    • He was of slight build. 他很瘦小
    • She was smaller and slighter than I had imagined.
  16. internal a.
    • connected with the inside of your body
    • internal organs/injuries 內臟/內傷
  17. bullet /ˈbʊlət/ n.
    • a small metal object that is fired from a gun
    • bullet wounds
    • There were bullet holes in the door.
    • He was killed by a bullet in the head.
  18. bush n.
    • a plant that grows thickly with several hard stems coming up from the root
    • a rose bush
  19. stem n.
    • the main, long, thin part of a plant above the ground from which the leaves or flowers grow; a smaller part that grows from this and supports flowers or leaves
    • a tall plant with branching stems
  20. rugby n.
    • a game played by two teams of 13 or 15 players, using an oval ball which may be kicked or carried. Teams try to put the ball over the other team's line.英式橄欖球
    • Named after Rugby school in England, where the game was first played.
  21. soccer n.=football
    a game played by two teams of 11 players, using a round ball that players kick up and down the playing field. Teams try to kick the ball into the other team's goal
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