Urinary System

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  1. Name the function of the urinary system
    kidneys filter blood plasma, returning most of the water and solutes to the bloodstream.

    remaining water and solutes constitute urine
  2. 8 main functions of the kidney
    • 1) Regulate ion levels in the blood
    • 2) Regulate blood pH 
    • 3) Regulate blood volume = blood pressure
    • 4) Regulate blood pressure enzymatically 
    • 5) maintain osmolarity
    • 6) Produce hormones: calcitriol and erythropoietin
    • 7) regulate blood glucose
    • 8) excrete waste
  3. The kidneys are located in a space called ________
    • retroperitoneum
    • T13-L3
  4. the concave medial border of the kidney is known as the _____________
    renal hilum
  5. name the 3 layers of tissue that surround each kidney
    • Renal Fascia
    • Adipose Capsule
    • Renal Capsule
  6. What is the renal fascia?
    • it is a layer of tissue surrounding the kideny
    • dense irregular connective tissue that anchors the kidney to the surrounding structures and to the abdominal wall.
  7. What is the adipose capsule?
    • one of the 3 layers that covers the kidey
    • protects the kidney from trauma
  8. The apex of a renal pyramid is called?
    renal papilla
  9. the area between the renal pyramids is calle?
    renal columns
  10. the nephron consists of these 2 parts
    • Renal Corpusle - where blood is filtered 
    • renal tubule  - into which the filtered fluid passes
  11. The 2 components of the renal corpuscle
    • 1) Glomerulus (capillary network)
    • 2) Glomerular (Bowman's) capsule
  12. 3 components of the renal tubule
    • 1) proximal convoluted tubule 
    • 2) loop of Henle
    • 3) distal convoluted tubule
  13. The Bowman's capsule consists of a parietal layer and a visceral layer. What type of epithelium is found here?
    Visceral: modified simple squamous epithelial cells called podocytes

    Parietal Layer: simple squamous epithelium
  14. Fluid filtered from the glomerular capillaries enters the   ____________ ; the lumen of the urinary tubule.
    Capsular space
  15. the purpose of the juxtaglomerular apparatus
    to regulate blood pressure
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