Unit 11

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  1. Brevity
    • (n.) shortness
    • SYN: conciseness, terseness, pithiness
    • ANT: verbosity, long-widedness, polixity
  2. Comport
    • (v.) to conduct or bear oneself, behave; to be in agreement
    • SYN: deport oneself, agree, concur
  3. Concise
    • (adj.) expressing much in a few words
    • SYN: brief, succinct, terse, pithy, to the point
    • ANT: wordy, verbose, long-winded, prolix
  4. Demure
    • (adj.) sober or serious in manner, modest
    • SYN shy, diffident, sedate, seemly, decorous
    • ANT: bold, forward, assertive, immodest
  5. Depreciation
    • (n.) a lessening in value; a belittling
    • SYN: cheapening, lowering, devaluation
    • ANT: increase, appreciation, enhancement
  6. Deteriorate
    • (v.) to lower in quality or value; to wear away
    • SYN: worsen, decline, degenerate, debase
    • ANT: improve, fix-up, enhance
  7. Divulge
    • (v.) to tell, reveal; to make public
    • SYN: disclose, impart, spill the beans, "leak"
    • ANT: hide, conceal, cover up, secrete, keep under wraps
  8. Enlightened
    • (adj.) free from ignorance and false ideas; possesing sound understanding
    • SYN: knowing, informed, aware, cultivated
    • ANT: ignorant, unaware, untaught, benighted
  9. Forestall
    • (v.) to prevent by acting first
    • SYN: hinder, thwart, preclude, ward off
    • ANT: welcome, accept, allow, subit, abide by
  10. Garble
    • (v.) to distort in such a way as to make unintelligible
    • SYN: jumble, scramble, confuse, misrepresent
    • ANT: clarify, elucidate, articulate
  11. Proponent
    • (n.) one who puts forward a proposal, one who supports a cause or belief
    • SYN: supporter, advocare, exponent
    • ANT: opponent, critic, foe, adversary
  12. Quaver
    • (v.) to shake, tremble; to trill
    • SYN: quiver, vibrate, shiver, quake, palpitate
  13. Recoil
    • (v.) to spring back, shrink; (n.) the act of springing back
    • SYN: (v.) flinch; (n.) kickback
    • ANT: (v.) advance, proceed, gain ground
  14. Recoup
    • (v.) to make up for, regain
    • SYN: recover, retrieve
    • ANT: lose, default, forfeit, kiss goodbye
  15. Reek
    • (n.) an unpleasant smell; (v.) to give off unpleasant smells; to give a strong impression
    • SYN: (n.) stench; (v.) stink, smell
    • ANT: (n.) perfume, fragrance, bouquet
  16. Relentless
    • (agj.) unyielding, harsh, without pity
    • SYN: stern, merciless, persistant, unremitting
    • ANT: merciful, accommidating, indulgent
  17. Rivulet
    • (n.) a small stream
    • SYN: brook, creek, rill
  18. Squander
    • (v.) to spend foolishly, waste
    • SYN: misspens, dissipate
    • ANT: save, economize, hoard, squirrel away
  19. Stacatto
    • (adj.) detached or disconnected in sound or style
    • SYN: abrupt, disjointed
    • ANT: continuous, flowing, unbroken
  20. Statute
    • (n.) a law
    • SYN: rule, ordinance, enactment
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