Final for OB (Carrington)

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  1. What is an expected characteristic of amniotic fluid?
    Pale, straw color with small white particles
  2. When planning care for a laboring woman whose membranes have ruptured, the nurse recognizes that the woman's risk for____ has increased.
    Intrauterine infection
  3. A woman in active labor has a IUPC. The peak pressure ranges from 65-70mm Hg and resting ranges from 6-10. Contractions occur Q3-4mins and last 55-60 secs. The nurse should...
    Document findings because they reflect expected contraction pattern for active labor.
  4. Which action is correct when palpation is used to assess the characteristics and pattern of uterine contractions?
    Evaluate intensity by pressing fingertips into fundus.
  5. When assessing a woman in
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