Anti Communal Violence Bill

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  1. Name
    Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill 2013
  2. Objective
    • Impose duties on center and state governments and their officers 
    • Excercise their power in impartial and non-discriminatory manner.
    • To prevent and control Target Violence, including mass violence against religious, linguistic minorities ans SC ans STs.
  3. Machinery, Institution
    • National Authority for Communal Harmony, Justice and Reparation to be constituted by Center.
    • To excercize the powers and functions assigned to it by act.
  4. Benefits
    • Prevention: communal violence/offences
    • Speedy: Investigation & Justice
    • Enhanced: punishment on person involved.
    • Relief & Rehab: facilities to victims
    • Institutional arrangement: 2&3
    • Empowering: Center & State authorities to discharge their duties in assisting victims.
  5. Key features
    • Definition of group hit by communal violence made Community neutral.
    • Bill flags dereliction of duty by public servant -> dont remain mute spectators. Jail 2-5 yrs 
    • Fixed the reponsibility of public servant in breach of command and failure to excercise control over subordinates dirreclt under them.
    • Defines Organised communal violence: continuing unlawful activity of a systematic nature having a particular religious and religious identity done by individual, group or association.
  6. Key features 2
    • Competent authority will be designated by state or district magistrate or commissioner of police.
    • Jail+fine for hate propaganda, financing 
    • Life term for organised violence.
  7. Controversy
    • Definition made Community Neutral
    • Center to declare an area in state communally disturbed on its own.
    • Send central forces in such area w/o state permission.
    • Transfer the cases outside state concerned for trail -> protecting witness.

  8. Role of NHRC and SHRC, its response
    • To oversee performance of functionaries related to maintaining of communal harmony
    • Chairmanof NHRC: Not suff staff and infra.
  9. Analysis
    Intention not to strike communal violence at its root but to appease minorities on GE eve.
  10. Suggest steps to curb CV
    • Communal political parties or communal social and religious groups need to be banned.
    • Print and electronic media more responsible -> healthy national public opinion.
    • Festivals and cultural traditions of all religion encouraged w/o discrim so no one feel isolated.
    • not discrim in compen & rehab on religion, language etc.
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