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  1. Mucosa
    Mucous membrane that lines the entire respiratory system. It warms and humidifies incoming air. It produces mucus to trap foreign particles.
  2. Nasal cavity
    Hollow area inside the nose
  3. Pharynx
    The throat. A shared passageway for both air & food. The nasopharynx is posterior to the nasal cavity, the oropharynx is posterior to the oral cavity, and the laryngopharynx is posterior to the larynx
  4. Septum
    Wall of cartilage and bone that divides the nasal cavity into right and left sides
  5. Turbinates
    Three long, bony projections (superior, middle, and inferior) on either side of the nasal cavity. They break up and slow down inhaled air. They are also known as the nasal conchae
  6. mucos/o-
    Mucous membrane
  7. muc/o-
  8. nas/o-
  9. pharyng/o-
    Pharynx (throat)
  10. or/o-
  11. laryng/o-
    Larynx (voice box)
  12. sept/o-
    Septum (dividing wall)
  13. turbin/o-
    Scroll-like structure; turbinate
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