Psych Exam 2 Part 2 MOD 18-20

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  1. Classical Conditioning
    A type of learning which one learns to link two or more stimuli and anticipate events.
  2. UCS
    • Un-Conditional Stimulus
    • In classical conditioning, stimulus that unconditionally-naturally and automatically-triggers a response
  3. UCR
    • Unconditioned Response
    • In classical conditioning, an unlearned, naturally occurring response (such as salivation) to an unconditioned stimulus (UCS) (such as food in the mouth)
  4. CS
    In classical conditioning, an originally irrelevant stimulus that, after association with a unconditioned stimulus (UCS). comes to trigger a conditioned response (CR).
  5. CR
    In classical conditioning, a learned response to a previously neutral (but now conditioned) stimulus.
  6. Operant Conditioning
    A type of learning I which behavior is strengthen if followed by a reinforce or diminished if followed by a punisher.
  7. Shaping
    An operate conditioning procedure in which  reinforces guide behavior toward closer and closer approximations of the desired behavior
  8. Reinforcement
    In operant conditioning, any event that strengthens the behavior it follows.
  9. Positive reinforcement
    • Increasing behaviors b presenting positive reinforces.
    • A positive reinforcer is any stimulus that, when presented after a response, strengthens the response.
  10. Negative reinforcer
    • Increasing behaviors by stopping or reducing negative stimuli.
    • A negative reinforcer is any stimulus that,when removed after a response, strengthens the response.
  11. Punishment
    An event that tends to decrease the behavior it follows.
  12. Observational Learning
    Learning from observing others
  13. Mirror neurons
    Frontal lobe neurons that some scientists believe fire when preforming certain actions or when observing another doing so. The brain's mirroring of another action may enable imitation and empathy.
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