Psych Exam 2 Part 3 MOD 21-23

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  1. Encoding
    • The processing of information into the memory system
    • for example, by extracting meaning.
  2. Storage
    The retention of encoded information over time
  3. Retrieval
    the process of getting information out of memory storage.
  4. Sensory memory
    the immediate, very brief recording of sensory information in the memory system.
  5. short-term memory
    • activated memory that holds a few items briefly, before or after the info is stored
    • Ex phone numbers before
  6. long-term memory
    • the relatively permanent and limitless store house of the memory system.
    • includes knowledge, skills and experiences
  7. effortful processing
    encoding that requires attention and conscious effort
  8. Mnemonics (devices)
    • Memory aids
    • especially those techniques that use vivid imagery and organizational devices.
  9. Hippocampus
    A neural center located in the limbic system; helps process explicit memories for storage.
  10. Implicit Memory
    Retention independent of conscious recollection. (non-declaration memory)
  11. Cerebellum
    • Plays key role in forming and storing the implicit memories created by classical conditioning.
    • Enables implicit memory
    • w/o people cannot develop certain conditioned reflexes
  12. Flashbulb memory
    A clear memory of emotionally significant moment or event.
  13. Long term potentiation (LTP)
    • An increase in cell's firing potential after brief, rapid  stimulation.
    • Believed to be a neural basis for learning and memory.
  14. State-dependent memory
    • Depending on mood 
    • good mood=remembering good memories
  15. Proactive interface
    the disruptive effect  of prior learning on the recall of new information
  16. Proactive interface
    The disruptive effect of prior learning on the recall of new information.
  17. Retroactive interface
    the disruptive effect of new learning on the recall of the old information
  18. Explicit Memory
    Memory of facts and experiences that one can consciously know and "declare." (also called declarative memory)
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