Physical Principles of Mech. Vent

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  1. uses interface that allows operator to set & adjust various parameters
    control system
  2. controls ventilator function
    internal control system
  3. determines how the mechanical drive mechanism delivers the gas
    output control
  4. power source for a ventilator can be either ... or ... or ...
    electrical or pneumatic or both
  5. ... is what powers the drive mechanism to deliver the gas
    power source
  6. electrical source can either be a ... or ...
    wall outlet or battery
  7. electricity is controlled by ...
    on/off switch
  8. name 5 things electrical power can operate
    pistons, solenoids, motors, compressors, electromagnets
  9. pneumatically power ventilators are powered exclusively by ...
    50 PSI gas sources
  10. what are the 2 types of pneumatically powered ventilators
    pneumatic & fluidic
  11. use special circuits which are the equivalent of electronic logic circuits
    fluidic powered ventilators
  12. in combined power source, pneumatic power is used to ... And electrical power is used to ...
    provide energy to deliver the breath & control the functions of the machine
  13. how air flow into the lungs is achieved depends on ...
    the means of creating the pressure gradient between the machine & patients lungs
  14. determines the functioning of the ventilator & can use either electronics, pneumatics, or fluidics as control mechanism
    control mechanism
  15. older non microprocessor controlled ventilators use ...
    open loop control systems "unintelligent systems"
  16. system is called unintelligent because ...
    the ventilator can not change its operation for changes in conditions
  17. a ... system is more intelligent
    closed loop system
  18. closed loop system monitors both ... volume & ... volume & can determine if leak has occurred
    delivered volume & returned volume
  19. closed loops system can also determine ...
    how much to compensate so pt. receives 500 cc & sounds the alarm
  20. allows operator to set desired parameters & alarms
    control panel (user interface)
  21. determines how the gas moves to the patient
    drive mechanism
  22. with a ... a blended mixture of gas flows into the bellows
    spring loaded bellows
  23. the tighter the spring, the greater the ...
  24. electrical motor is connected to a piston which moves in & out in a cylinder. piston creates constant flow rate of gas
    linear drive piston
  25. linear piston is referred to as ...
    constant flow generator
  26. electric motor rotates a wheel which moves the piston forward creating pressure & causing gas flow
    rotary drive piston
  27. in rotary drive piston when wheel continues to turn it moves piston away. This is when ...
    exhalation occurs
  28. rotary piston drive creates a variable flow pattern known as ...
    sine wave
  29. fastest gas flow occurs when the wheel is at ...
    the top of the circle
  30. can be open or closed completely or can be controlled in increments
    flow control valves
  31. name the 3 ways a solenoid valve can be controlled
    • electrical timers or microprocessors 
    • manual operation 
    • pressure
  32. uses a motor to control a leer arm on scissor valve, moves in discrete steps to  open & close the valve
    stepper motor with scissor valve
  33. ventilators are classified as either ... or ... designs based on whether the gas used to power the drive mechanism goes to pt
    single or double circuit
  34. in ... circuit, the gas goes directly from power source to the patient
  35. in ... circuit, the gas from power source compresses gas in another mechanism (bellows), the source gas doesn't go directly to pt.
  36. tubing which connects patient to ventilator
    external circuit (patient circuit)
  37. during inspiration, the exhalation valve ...
  38. exhalation valve can be inside the ... or ...
    ventilator or patient circuit on exhalation limb
  39. joins the 2 limbs together at the patient airway
    patient wye
  40. inspiration is begun by ...
  41. name the 3 ways a ventilator can be triggered
    • 1. time triggering 
    • 2. pressure triggering 
    • 3. flow triggering
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