Marketing & eCommerce

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  1. push system
    suppliers produce goods based upon their efficiencies and push them to customers
  2. the traditional supply chain
    • supplier
    • manufacturing
    • distributor
    • retailer
    • consumer
  3. globalization
    • SCM
    • reliable transportation in foreign countries are complicated
  4. forces affecting supply chain
    • globalization
    • mass customization
    • price sensitivity
    • customer focus and time to market
    • just-in-time inventory and inventory reduction
    • enterprise resources planning
    • outsourcing
  5. mass customization
    ebusiness has shifted power from companies to consumers who ask for products tailored to their specific needs
  6. price sensitivity
    internet allows you to compare prices and gather product information
  7. customer focus and time to market
    companies need to have the ability to create and deliver innovative and high quality new products across industries
  8. just-in-time inventory and inventory reduction
    • sharing information with other supply chain members
    • sharing common inventory management systems
  9. enterprise resource planning
    real time decision making to plan for future production
  10. outsourcing
    companies shift facilities and activities to outsourcers and then integrate them into their global supply chains
  11. outsourcing pros and cons
    • pro - cost reduction
    • con - loss of control
  12. pull system
    production of suppliers is determined by the needs of customers who request or order goods
  13. disintermediation
    • a change in the supply chain where the manufacturer and consumer interact directly
    • eliminates intermediary
  14. re-intermediation
    using the internet to reassemble buyers, sellers and other partners in a traditional supply chain in new way
  15. trust and partnerships of supply chain
    • realignment
    • service level agreement
    • performance measurement
    • dispute resolution
    • security
  16. order fulfilment
    • a set of processes involved in delivering a product to the customer
    • order processing
    • warehousing
    • shipping
  17. reverse logistics
    internal process for handling customer returns
  18. Eprocurement
    the complete business process of acquiring goods through electronic means
  19. english auction
    • buyers gather in a common location
    • ascending price
  20. yankee auction
    items sold by price, quantity and earliest bid time
  21. Dutch Auction
    • descending price format
    • auctioneer begins with a high price
  22. reverse auction
    • descending price format
    • buyers creates the auction to receive bids from suppliers
  23. sealed-bid auction
    when price is the only consideration in the decision
  24. Vickery auction
    • ascending price format
    • highest bidder wins the auction but pas the price submitted by the second-place bidder
  25. dynamic pricing
    use of market-based negotiated prices for transaction
  26. CRM
    • Customer relationship management
    • the use of technology to establish relationships with customers by focusing on the understanding of customers' needs
  27. up-selling
    encouraging customers to purchase higher-priced products or services
  28. cross-selling
    encouraging customers to purchase complementary or additional products
  29. data capture
    • the process of CRM
    • data stored in warehouses
  30. goals of CRM
    • improve customer relationships by providing better service
    • marketing
    • sales
    • service
  31. Social CRM
    opportunity for a company to interact with its customer base and include their views at decision time
  32. SSL
    • secure socket layer
    • protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the internet
  33. skimming
    • card reader disguised to looks like a part of the atm machine
    • saves card number and pin code
  34. conducting a transaction over the internet cost compared to a bank
  35. rfid
    radio frequency identification
  36. credit card cost
    3% merchant fee
  37. edi
    • electronic data interchange
    • transactions i.e. payment
    • costly = used by large companies
  38. vertical market
    vendors offer specific goods and services
  39. horizontal market
    set of diverse business and government entities grouped according to a common need for selected goods and services
  40. VAN
    • Value Added Networks
    • private networks that are rented to users
    • provides an environment to operate EDI systems
  41. SET
    • Secure Electronic Transaction
    • fights credit card fraud
    • encryption and authentication
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