Art History Test 4

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    1. This is the Palace Knossos 

    2. This Palace is named after King Knossos

    3. It is located on the Island of Crete

    4. In 1700 B.C.E it was said that the palace was damaged by an earthquake

    5. Because of various earthquakes the Palace of Knossos had to be rebuilt 3 times

    6. The columns are made out of wood and are stone based

    7. There are artwork on the interior walls just used for decoration, such as the Dolphin Fresco

    8. Flat roofs were used on the Palace of Knossos so there could be additions added to the palace

    9. Inside the palace there were workshops, storerooms and maybe residential quarters

    10. The Palace was lit and ventilated by candles 

    11. The walls were made out of timber

    12. The columns were oval shaped

    13. Ashtar was used to give ornamental pyramids
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    1. This is the mycenaean Lions gate

    2. It was built in 1250 B.C.E

    3. It was the principal entrance to the city

    4. There is a corbol arch to relieve weight off the lentel

    5. The lental weighs 25 tons

    6. The relieving triangle is made to decorate

    7. The gate is made out of limestone

    8. There is heraldic pose on the triangle, with the lions standing tall and proud

    9. There are dowels on the hands of the lions

    10. The pillar is said to be a symbol of power for the myceneans
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    1. This is the Treasury of Atreus 

    2. It was built in 1250 BCE

    3. It has coblling 360 degrees around

    4. It is made out of Ashlar

    5. The Treasury of Atreus is 43 feet high and 48 feet in diameter

    6. There are gilded rosettes to stick on the ashlar bricks

    7. There is a smaller rectangular room inside that used to hold ceremonies

    8. The lentel weighs 120 tons

    9. The roman Elict was buried here

    10. Another name for the Treasury of Atreus is Tomb of Atholos

    11. Tholo's tomb was buried here as well
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