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  1. Who is the customer for projects?
  2. Which of the following is not one of the five Lean concepts?
    Less is more
  3. Managers, supervisors, and other formal organizational leaders that can directly impact the system’s ability to successfully achieve a performance measure, monitor or improvement initiative
    Management Guidance Team
  4. One or more individuals identified by the Sponsor as being “on-point” for a performance measure, monitor or improvement initiative
    Process Owners
  5. Individuals from all levels of the organization that are knowledgeable of the processes underlying a performance measure, monitor or improvement initiative tasked with improving the processes.
    Process Action Team
  6. NOT a content expert, Manages team dynamics and Pushes the team to meet daily milestone
  7. Lean is...
    A business model
  8. What does the "S" in PDSA stand for?
  9. What does the "R" in RPIW stand for?
  10. Which improvement activity doesn't require a charter?
  11. How many boxes does an A3 have?
  12. What is the title of Box 2 on an A3?
    Current State
  13. What is the title of Box 5 on an A3?
    Solutions Approach
  14. What is the title of Box 9 on an A3?
  15. Which two boxes should have a clear linkage?
    3 and 8
  16. What is the Star post it note used for?
  17. What is the Heart post it note used for?
  18. What is the Diamond post it note used for?
  19. What does the yellow dot on a step mean?
    Non-Value Adding but Necessary
  20. What is the purpose of a process map?
    Identify problem areas for improvement
  21. What section of the project charter contains the process start and stop?
    Project Scope
  22. Which of the following is a challenge in writing a project charter?
    All of the above
  23. What is the total lead time (cycle time) for the attached process?
    41 H 30 M
  24. What is the total Value Added time for the attached process?
    7 H
  25. What is the Cycle Time for step 3 in the process above?
    2 H 15 M
  26. What percentage of time in healthcare system is waste?
  27. Waste is...
    Non-value adding, resource consuming activities
  28. "D" stands for...example
    defects:wrong site surgeries
  29. "O" stands for...example
    overproduction: batch printing patient labels
  30. "W" stands for...example
    Waiting: idle machines/people
  31. "N" stands for...example
    not utilizing human potential: nurses and doctors looking for supplies
  32. "T" stands for...example
    transportation: carrying files from location to location
  33. "I" stands for...example
    inventory: charge slips piled up to be delivered
  34. "M" stands for...example
    motion: large walk distance
  35. "E" stands for...example
    extra processing: extra copies of forms
  36. Affinity diagram
    simple process of identifying and sorting like information
  37. Prioritization matrix is...
    used to rate each opportunity using a standard criteria on a scale
  38. Root cause analysis
    • -Problem solving method aimed at
    • identifying the root cause of a problem or occurrence

    • -If used correctly, it has been shown
    • to minimize the possibility of recurrence
  39. Process observation methods
    • -check sheets
    • -spaghetti diagrams
    • -Takt time
    • -SIPOC
  40. 5S stands for
    • Sort
    • Set in order
    • Standardize
    • Sweep
    • Sustain
  41. What is a defect?
    An error that someone else detects
  42. Visual Workplace rules
    • -easy to see, use, and return
    • -accessed once a month should be located within 30 seconds
  43. Takt time Equation
    Available time/demand

    **remember not to count work breaks
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