2W051B Volume 1

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  1. When using a drill, the first thing you do is
    Make sure the diameter of the hole to be drilled is within the capacity of the drill.
  2. Which diameter (in inches) electric saw blade is the most common found in maintenance activities?
  3. An electric saw's blade must be operating at what speed before it contacts the material being cut?
  4. How many pounds per square inch (psi) of clean, dry air are required at the tool end of the air hose to ensure safe and efficient operation of the tool?
  5. Which pneaumatic impact tool is designed for installing or removing nuts and bolts?
  6. At what variation in pounds of pressure, while using an impact wrench, can the excess pressure become serious?
  7. What is the most common type of sling used in your everyday job?
    Wire rope.
  8. Hoist hooks must be replaced when they have more than
    15% in excess of normal throat opening or more than 10 degrees twist from the plane.
  9. The common practice that applies to any meter is always
    verify that power is off when connecting the meter.
  10. Which meter is a four-wire Kelvin digital ohmmeter used for testing AIM-9 and the AIM-120 missile system?
    AMTEC 620
  11. Which tester is a stable precision instrument designed primarily for the testing of solid-fuel rocket motor igniter bridge wire circuitry?
  12. The maximum load capacity of the MHU-141/M trailer is
    5,500 pounds
  13. The steering system on the MHU-141/M trailer has a turning radius of
    200 inches.
  14. When the MHU-141 trailer is loaded or towed with the hinged deck open, what must be done?
    The two deck-panel supports must be properly positioned and locked in place with quick-release pins.
  15. The parking brake on the MHU-110/M trailer affects how many wheels?
    4 inboard rear wheels.
  16. What is the maximum capacity of a pair of rail extender assemblies used with the MHU-110/M?
    3,000 pounds.
  17. How many trolley and chock assemblies are supplied with the MHU-110/M?
    20 trolleys and 40 chocks.
  18. What is the maximum load capacity of the MHU-226 trailer?
    12,000 pounds.
  19. How many openings are on the deck of the MHU-226 trailer?
  20. What ensures the smooth transfer of HCU-6/E pallets from a rollerized trailer to an aircraft/K-loader?
    An adjustable ramp.
  21. The moving of munitions and weapons from one base to another, depot to base, or base to depot is called
    a logistical movement.
  22. Movement to support on-base operations to or from the flight line is called
    an operational movement.
  23. Which lift truck has a manually extendible wheelbase?
    MHU-83-series bomb-lift truck.
  24. Which lift truck has cantilever lift arms?
    MJ-1-series aerial stores lift truck.
  25. The purpose of the transport beam beneath the lift arm assemblies on the MJ-1-series lift truck is to
    provide added support and the relieve excess hydraulic pressure from the lift arms in carrying loads for long distances.
  26. What is the lifting capacity of the MJ-1?
    3,000 pounds.
  27. When using MJ-1 lift truck extension lift arms, you immediately
    reduce its lifting capacity by 800 pounds.
  28. What is the lifting capacity of the MHU-83-series lift truck?
    7,000 pounds.
  29. When using the MHU-83B with fork adapters, you immediately
    reduce its lifting capability by 1,000 pounds.
  30. When releasing the accelerator pedal on a vehicle driven with a hydrostatic transmission, the
    unit coasts to a stop very quickly.
  31. What is the drawback to using the hydraulic hand pump to build hydraulic pressure on the MHU-83B/E?
    Extremely slow way to build hydraulic pressure.
  32. What are the minimum and maximum frame-width adjustments of the MHU-83 B/E?
    70 inches; 140 inches.
  33. How do you adjust the yaw on the MHU-83 B/E?
  34. What is the rated capacity of air per minute needed for the MC-7 air compressor to discharge 100 psi of pressure?
    125 cubic feet.
  35. The MC-7 compressor is designed for
    general maintenance.
  36. The diesel model of the MC-7 air compressor is capable of operating up to how many hours at a time without refueling?
  37. What is the primary difference between a bobtail and a pickup?
    The bobtail's back end is shortened by about one-half.
  38. The unique and handy feature of the bobtail truck's center pintle hook is that it can be unpinned and
    moved in, out, or sideways for ease of trailer hookup.
  39. The maximum towing speed of the bobtail while towing equipment is
    15 mph
  40. Which AF form is used to document a daily inspection on a general cargo truck?
  41. What is the purpose behind good operator maintenance of all assigned vehicles?
    Maintain vehicle serviceability at reduced cost.
  42. What is the maximum tow capacity of the MB-4 aircraft towing tractor?
    140,000 pounds.
  43. Which position should the differential shift lever be in while driving the MB-4 towing tractor on dry road surfaces?
  44. What range should be selected in a tractor with an automatic transmission while going down grades?
    low range.
  45. Which procedure is not a consideration for backing a tractor/trailer combination?
    Turn toward the passenger's side.
  46. What is the maximum depth of water you drive a rough-terrain forklift through?
    5 feet.
  47. Which forklift has the solid front axle and a pivot pin that allows the front end to pivot when turning the steering wheel, making it very dangerous when climbing in or out?
    Adverse-terrain forklift.
  48. What is the maximum reach of the variable-reach forklift with the forks elevated at 45 degrees?
    15 feet.
  49. Which type of forklift has a "dead-man" switch that can be operated from the driving position?
  50. When can you store powered equipment in a building with explosives?
    Only when stored in fire-resistive buildings and such equipment is essential to day-to-day operations.
  51. Which ammunition loading system services the M61A gun system?
    Linkless ammunition loading system (LALS).
  52. Which component is not one of the five weapons replaceable assemblies?
    Ammunition drum.
  53. Which technical order (TO) covers the linkless ammunition loading system (LALS)?
  54. Which weapons replaceable assembly receives ammunition from three bays of the container assembly and merges them into a single stream?
    Transfer unit.
  55. Which weapons replaceable assembly consists of the flex drive assembly?
  56. Which component transfers rounds into the aircraft gun feed system?
    Universal aircraft interface unit.
  57. What is the maximum number of rounds the universal ammunition loading system (UALS) drum can hold?
  58. Which subassembly of the universal ammunition loading system (UALS) houses a remaining indicator window that provides the means to visually determine the approximate number of rounds in the unit?
    Outer drum.
  59. Which subassembly of the universal ammunition loading system (UALS) provides the means to load live rounds into the aircraft gun system?
    Interface unit.
  60. Which of the following is not counted by the three counters on the interface unit of the universal ammunition loading system (UALS) record during the load/download operations?
    Damaged rounds downloaded.
  61. What is the inspection cycle for the universal ammunition loading system (UALS) replenisher?
    Every 30 days when in use and annually when in storage.
  62. What tool can initiate cycling ammunition through the universal ammunition loading system (UALS) replenisher manually?
    1/2 inch speed wrench.
  63. What happens to the unfired rounds returning from the loader during the processing of linked ammunition?
    Automatically downloaded through the second gate in the bottom of the replenisher.
  64. Which 30 millimeter (mm) cannon is internally mounted in the A-10 aircraft?
  65. During in-shop maintenance, 30 mm ammunition loading assembly power comes from the
  66. Which 30 mm ammunition loading system is used to service the GPU-5/A gun pod?
  67. How many MHU-110/M trailers are needed to transport one A/E32K-3 munitions assembly conveyor (MAC)?
  68. Which component of the A/E32K-3 munitions assembly conveyor (MAC) can be used as a forklift adapter to raise the gantry to full height?
    Interface Control Board (ICB).
  69. What is the weight capacity of the air-driven hoist attached to each gantry of the A/E32K-3 munitions assembly conveyor (MAC)?
    4,000 pounds.
  70. The triple bomb bar is fitted with bomb slings and is used with each hoist to provide for lifting
    Three 500-pound munitions at a time or two 2,000-pound munitions items.
  71. Which technical order (TO) covers the rapid-assembly and inspection procedures of nonnuclear munitions?
  72. Why is it important to monitor net explosive weight (NEW) during a bomb buildup operation?
    If ignited, excessive NEW may cause propagation of an explosive from another location.
  73. When packing up the munitions assembly conveyor (MAC) why is it important to cap the ends of the air hoses?
    To keep foreign materials from damaging them.
  74. Which component of the munitions assembly conveyor (MAC) is disassembled last?
  75. What does not apply to munitions and explosives in the transportation mode?
    Quantity distance (QD) criteria.
  76. What is the requirement for operators of vehicles and equipment used in transporting and handling explosives?
    Must be trained and under the supervision of an individual who understands the hazards and risks involved.
  77. When is it permissible to transport explosives in privately owned vehicles (POV)?
  78. Which publication is used in addition to the Joint Hazard Classification System to determine the explosive hazard class and division of a specific munitions item?
    TO 11A-1-46.
  79. Which publication provides information on the correct positioning of munitions and tie-down procedures?
    TO 11-1-38
  80. What type of information is given in the general notes on the first card of each trailer and weapon-type section in TO 11-1-38 and is required to be reviewed?
    WARNINGS, CAUTIONS, and NOTES pertaining to each trailer and weapon.
  81. What type of information is not presented on the load matrix cards in TO 11-1-38?
    Safety and accident prevention procedures.
  82. The CGU-1/B web-strap tie-down assembly has a rated working load capacity of
    5,000 pounds
  83. If you cannot close the load-binder handle by hand,
    adjust the load-binder hooks on the chain.
  84. When loading munitions on the MHU-110/M trailer, always load the
    front first and unload it last.
  85. What piece of equipment must be used with the MHU-110/M to prevent the trailer from becoming unstable while loading or unloading?
    Stabilizer jack.
  86. What provides an itemized list of all equipment authorized for use with nuclear weapons?
    Master Nuclear Certification List.
  87. How are items identified as being nuclear certified?
    Positive identification by a nameplate, label, appropriate markings, or by official documents.
  88. Which statement about pintle hooks and their use in operations with nuclear weapons is not correct?
    Original equipment pintle hook assemblies are not authorized.
  89. Which equipment does not require nuclear safety certification before being used in operations with nuclear weapons?
    General-purpose hand tools.
  90. Use the cable-type load binder to secure
    unbolstered weapons on the MHU-141/M trailer.
  91. After final tightening of the cable-type load binder, verify
    threads (more than one) are exposed inside the turnbuckle.
  92. How many CGU-1/B straps are you authorized to use for one MB-1 tie-down assembly?
  93. How do you extend the CGU-1/B strap?
    Release the adjusting mechanism; pull the strap.
  94. How many miles can a "maneuverable" bolster be towed over hard surfaces before a "bare hand" test of the casters if required?
  95. If a container is rated "roadable," you can tow it at speeds up to
    20 mph over primary roads.
  96. What does the Department of Defense (DOD) use as teh normal mode of transportation during a logistical movement of nuclear weapons?
    Air or truck.
  97. How often are couriers certified?
  98. What code word is used when a Department of Energy (DOE) convoy seeks sanctuary during an emergency?
    Safe Haven.
  99. What IMT is used to transfer custody of missile warheads?
    AF IMT 514.
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